Expanding Potentials of Possibilities

Do you feel stuck?

Need to remove obstacles that keep you from you from your future?

Haunted by the past?

Struggle with anxiety and or depression?

Are you exhausted because you feel so much?  

Are you burnt out because you pick up on the emotions are everyone and everything around you?

Are you searching for relief, a way to feel better, to release, let go and not feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Know there is more to life?

Want to heal not only yourself but improve your relationships and manifest the future of your dreams?

These sessions are meant to transform and heal. Together we get to the root of whatever is holding you back, keeping you stuck, keeping you from living your best life. In order to create movement, to remove the blocks, to free and remove the root of what keeps you in place, a minimum of four sessions is required. This is deep and profound work, this is soul alchemy and it requires time and dedication. Together, we are redefining you, we are irradiating years of unhealthy patterns and habits. We are discovering hidden motivators. We are realigning with your soul. We are reconnecting you to your deepest wisdom, your truth and beauty!

This is for you  

You, who is awakening to their soul's potential, magic and truth. Discovering  gifts of being an empath, a starseed and  the power of intuition. You, who craves creativity and innovation. Who believes in synchronicity, miracles and dreams. You, who is ready to delve, connect and express. 

This is about creating transformation

This is about reconnecting you to you, so you can thrive! It’s where you get to heal and become whole. Explore all your various aspects, pieces and parts. A place to explore all your potentials and possibilities. Time traveling past, present and future.

Free those places that feel stuck. Past beliefs, experiences, traumas. Whatever keeps you from being present and creating the future you dream of.

What make me different?

I have my Masters in Counseling. I’m a reiki master. Akashic record and tarot reader. I have trained with shamans and Ifa priestesses. I am ever curious. I am passionate about supporting you on your journey of awakening.

Together we will:

heal on multiple levels (mind, body, soul, spirit, emotion, spiritual and physical)

eradicate the roots of what holds you back

identify your dreams, heart’s desires, and your soul’s purpose

create soul-fullfilling practices

meet and integrate your inner child

identify and work with your shadow

Identify what keeps you stuck and release you from it's grip

unleash your potential

Explore and exapnd your multi dimensional soul

$125 for 60 amazing minutes

$300 for 3 sessions

$400 for 4 sessions


Call/text 720-238-2054 or email forwardkindheart@gmail.com to book your appointment

Who am I?

 Hi, I'm Margaret. I am empath and intuitive. I am also a couselor, psychotherapist, mentor, coach, reiki master, intuitive and healer.  I LOVE helping others come unstuck and manifest the life of their dreams.

From the heart

I am over the moon excited to be part of your journey.  To co create with you. 

Contact me or book your appointment today: