Distance Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful way to heal body, mind and soul. Clear your aura, realign your chakras and yourself.  This is a wonderful healing method that can be used with any and all other healings.

You can receive all the amazing benefits of Reiki from your home. 

intuitive coaching empaths akashic records reiki and dreams


  • offers unconditional love
  • replenishes vitality
  • clears away stagnant energies and toxins
  • promotes balance
  • relieves stress and promotes a sense of well being and calmness
  • complements other healing modalities
  • boosts immune system
  • offers healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality

Sit back, relax and receive.

$35 for 15 minutes

$55 for 30 minutes

$100 for 50 minutes

call 720-238-2054 or email forwardkindheart@gmail.com to book your appointment