Do you:

  • struggle with feeling the difference between what you feel and someone else is feeling
  • avoid the news because it's too much
  • know what others are feeling, often before they do
  • feel like an emotional sponge
  • feel drained by others
  • do you sometimes feel like you get angry, sad, happy for no reason


  • boundaries
  • know what's yours and what's not
  • stop feeling like a sponge
  • to turn your empathy into a tool not a curse
  • stop feeling so much pain

What's stopping you?

  • fear
  • judgment
  • rejection
  • don't want to be different
  • don't want to be called crazy

You will gain:

  • practice tools to help with your feelings
  • boundaries
  • how to work with your gift
  • safe place to explore
  • self care rituals
  • feeling happier, relaxed and confident

From my heart to yours:

As am empath I get it.  It's a scary world when you are a feelings magnet.  I love working with empaths, like you, to provide tools to help daily life flow.  To assist you in seeing your empathy as a gift and no longer as a burden.

Call or email today to set a free 20minute consultation.  Or dive right in and set up an appointment.  I look forward to hearing from you!