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Manifesting Your Dreams (setting goals and using the moon to enhance your process)

It’s the New Year and you are full of energy, desire, motivation and a plan to take over the world. However, somewhere during the year, between living life and creating your dream life you get derailed, off track and sometimes you never get back to where you hoped you would be. It’s normal for our life dreams to evolve, shift and change as we do. And being able to change with them is necessary. But what about ways to keep the same motivation you started with at the beginning of the year? What about when you tired and have lost motivation?

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Dealing with trauma: yours and someone else's

We as a collective are still struggling. Everywhere there is tragedy and trauma.We all handle pain, trauma, loss and tragedy differently.  Some of us are profoundly affected.  Moved beyond words.  Some of us, stuff away, pretend that life is the same.  Some of us are moved to outrage, yelling and fighting for social changes, and some become defensive against those who disagree with our ideas of what will make the world a better place.

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