Working with and understanding your dream symbolism

Photo by  Jeremy Bishop  on  Unsplash

The other night I woke up with just the faint memory of a dream. There was a lady, in white. She was on the beach, buried up to her shoulders in sand. She put her head down on her arms on the sand and cried. She made no attempt to get out, even though she could easily escape her sandy prison. She just cried. The ocean waves started to crash into her feet invading her hole.

And still she just cried…

I woke up baffled. Why the lady didn’t get out?  Why she was crying?

What was this dream trying to tell me?

Do you experience this? Do you wake up from some dreams confused? Perhaps even dismayed? With the feeling that there is a message for you? 

What are your dreams really saying?

Dreams are gifts of insight. Dreams hold clues and juicy information for us to use in our waking lives.

But how do we figure out what exactly are our dreams trying to tell us?

5 hidden meanings inside your dreams:

1. Dreams show you your fears. It doesn’t have to be nightmares. Often they show up as unsettled dreams, those dreams that upon waking we feel uneasy. 

The lady in white is a fear of hopelessness. 

Action: Take time to journal the dream. Use your five senses and really delve into the emotions invoked by the dream and the different characters. Engage with the fear. What does it have to say? Show you? What do you need know? 

2. Dreams show you your weaknesses. Often our weaknesses come out to play in our dreams.  They are put on display. Our insecurities are magnified. 

The lady in white didn’t attempt to leave the sandy hole, caught in despair and displaying physical weakness. 

Action: Look at the feelings that these dreams bring up. Where in life are you feeling insecure and weak, even not in control? 

3. Dreams show you your strengths. Our dreams also show us how magnificent we are. Use these dreams to inspire and encourage you.  They are a reminder that you are in fact, AMAZING! 

The lady in white showed no fear of the water surrounding her.

Action: What are your strengths in your dream?

4. Dreams allow you to see your shadow. Your shadow is the side of you that you often avoid.  It is the parts of you that you do not like. Shadow in waking life often shows up as projections onto others. The things you don’t like about others are often your shadow. In your dreams, your shadow can come to you as a person. 

Water often represents emotions, the lady in white was not facing her emotions and was being swallowed by the water. She turned her back on shadow. 

Action: What gifts, does your shadow bring you in your dreams? Remember, shadow is neither good or bad, it just is parts of you looking for love and incorporation.  Take the negatives you use to describe shadow and turn it into a positive. What messages does your shadow bring?

5. Dreams bring you messages and answer your questions. The issues we face in waking life come to life again in our dreams. 

The lady in white brings messages of facing shadow and facing emotion. Not to put my head down and cry but to maintain my ground, no matter how overwhelming I may feel.

Action: What insight are your dreams bringing you to answer your questions? What messages are coming to you. 

Each dream may bring each of the above or just one. Take time to sit with your dream. As you move through the actions above, you’ll know when you hit what your dream is trying to tell you. It’s an a-ha moment, where everything comes together and makes sense. Don’t rush it.  Sometimes, we have to sit and wait. Allow the subconscious images to intermingle with your conscious thoughts. 

Your dreams are here to provide you with guidance and support. Your soul is trying to assist you on your journey in this lifetime.  When you can tune into your dreams, you open yourself us to answers, guidance, and connection.  

Action: Take what you have learned from your dreams and create something. Perhaps there is a message to do something, then do it. Perhaps you are inclined to draw, paint, sculpt or create something to remind you of the dream image. Maybe it’s having a token to remind you.