Oracle of Joy: July's reading: Guilt

what guilt does to us

We carry guilt like an old worn backpack that we refuse to clean out or throw away. It hangs on us and we pretend we do not notice the weight, too afraid to face it.

We feel guilt for something we know we did. We feel shame when others know what we did. Shame can be felt when we experience guilt.

When we feel guilty we often punish ourselves, consciously and unconsciously. Guilt blocks our happiness because we use it as a form of self punishment. I am not worthy because I did this or that. I do not deserve because I did this or that. Furthermore, We can become trapped in guilt. Guilt can be used to manipulate us and we can manipulate ourselves through guilt. We do something for someone else because we feel guilty. Or someone else plays on our guilt and manipulates us. Since you hurt me, I want you to do this or that. 

Guilt is here so we can learn from our behavior and others’ behaviors, to understand our humanness, to own what we do and learn forgiveness. When we are able to do this, we free ourselves from the clutches of guilt. When we work through guilt we experience greater joy.

Guilt allows us to learn. To right our wrongs. To ask for forgiveness and to grant forgiveness.

How do you experience guilt? To do punish yourself? Give too much to alleviate the pain?

Shadow Work

Guilt can feed shame which can feed our shadow. Do you own your guilt? You're wrongs? Do you punish yourself for what you have done to yourself and others? To step into the shadow of guilt takes courage as you face your demons. We often villianize ourselves and others to deal with guilt. We justify our behavior or theirs. Guilt asks us to see ourselves with compassion and empath. Guilt asks us to surrender to forgiveness. Forgiveness is not acceptance, dissolving the wrong, it is reclaiming your power. It is the choice to no longer be affected by yours or someone else’s decision. Forgiveness allows you to move forward, letting go of the past and what once was.

Photo by  Joseph Pérez  on  Unsplash

Astrology, Guilt and Healing

The season of Cancer is a perfect time to work on guilt. Cancer brings the energy of the mother and healer. We can use this energy to unconditionally love ourselves and to heal our pains.

July 2nd brings a new moon in Cancer and July 31st also brings a new moon in Leo. Cancer brings the energy of the mother and healer. This is beautiful energy to use to work with your guilt. Use the mother/healer energy to forgive yourself and others. Use the mother archetype of unconditional love and acceptance to release your guilt. Leo brings the energy of a big heart. You can use this energy to forgive and love.

July 16th brings a full moon in Capricorn along with a lunar eclipse which brings our attention to our emotions and relationships. A wonderful time to look at where we hold guilt. Capricorn brings the energy of advisor. Allow this energy to compassionately advise you from a place of soul’s wisdom. The place that has your highest and best interests at heart.

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Healing Guilt

Own your mistakes. We often struggle with owning our mistakes out of fear. When we own our mistakes we free ourselves from the fear of other’s and our perceptions and punishment. When we own our mistakes we are able to learn from them. As well as, we empower others to own their mistakes. Remember, we all human, and we all make mistakes. The point is to learn from them.

Practice forgiveness. Forgive yourself. Forgive others.

“All of us, all human beings, are basically inclined or disposes toward what we perceive to be good. Whatever we do, we do because we think it will be of some benefit. At the same time, we all appreciate the kindness of others. We are all, by nature, oriented toward the basic human values of love and compassion. We all prefer the love of others to their hatred. We all prefer others' generosity to their meanness. And who among us does not prefer tolerance, respect, and forgiveness of out failings to bigotry, disrespect, and resentment?”- Dalai Lama

Practice ho-oponopono, which translates into ‘to put to right; to put in order or shape, correct, revise, adjust, amend, regulate, arrange, rectify, tidy up, make orderly or neat.” It was created by Hawaiian Haleaka Hew Len PhD. The four steps are: I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. When you say these four steps think about the translation and how it applies to each of the four steps.

New Moon Ritual

Write a letter to yourself or someone else whom you carry guilt for. Write this letter as the all loving mother or healer. In the letter you can write your perceptive, the other person’s perceptive, the facts and then as the all loving mother/healer. Then you can burn the letter, put it is a helium balloon and even bury.

If you can also do with in the new moon of Leo, open your big heart to forgive and love.

Look for the lessons to be learned. Do you need more compassion in your life? To forgive? To see multiple perspectives?

Forgive yourself and others. You can use the energy of the mother to harness unconditional love. You can use the energy of the performer to feel the guilt and the release in forgiveness.

Full Moon Ritual

Use the energy of Capricorn to tap into your highest self, your soul’s wisdom that has your highest and greatest good in mind. To connect to this energy, get comfortable, either inside or preferably under the full moon. Ask to be connected to your highest wisest self. Ask this part of yourself, what lessons need to be learned? How can you forgive yourself? Others? How is holding this guilt affecting you? Can you see yourself loving yourself and others unconditionally?

Take Away

However, you decide to work with guilt. Know that it is here as a teacher. Be open to the lessons. Allow yourself to practice forgiveness and unconditional love.