Sacrificing joy and soul to survive

It’s hard to be a human with a soul’s purpose. Being human brings its own set of obligations, challenges, and delights. As humans, we have to work to survive. We have bodies that need maintenance and attention. We have thoughts and emotions that require contemplation and observation. Often times our thoughts, emotions, and bodies are begging for our attention. And we push them aside to ensure our livelihood. That we have a home, food and a tribe. Many of us even sacrifice the quality of our tribe, settling for who is available or accepting of us. We neglect ourselves because we trapped by the necessity to survive.  How do you live from your soul and manage your human existence?

Play. Have fun. Make time every day, just to play. To be in the moment.

Nature. Get outside. Hug a tree. Sit in the grass. Just be.

Meditate. Find a peaceful place and focus on your breath. Sit in the stillness. Connect with yourself.

Be curious. Seek adventure. Be open. Follow the white rabbit.

Make time for you.

Assess your tribe. Do you need to create boundaries? Change tribes?

Assess your career and job. Why are you working where you are? Are you sacrificing yourself for your job or career? Are you happy? What would make work more desirable? Enjoyable? Are you okay with work because it allows you to pursue your soul’s purpose?

What emotions need to be tended to?

What does your body need? Food. Rest. Exercise. Adventure.

Make time for you. To follow your curiosities. To be in the moment. To explore. To laugh. All this connects you with your soul’s purpose.