Pop culture, shadow and astrology

shadow astrology and pop culture

If you follow my vlog, you know I have started working with the full moon and shadow.

Debbie Ford said it best,

“Our shadow is made up of all the parts of ourselves that we hide, deny, suppress, and don’t see in ourselves – both the positive and the negative. Our shadow is all the aspects that we reject out of shame, fear or, disapproval. It is made up of any part of ourselves that we believe is unacceptable, will be met with disapproval by others, or that annoys, horrifies or disgusts us about other people or about ourselves.”

And Carl Jung said,

“it is the person we would rather not be.”

So how do find our elusive shadow? By looking at the pieces and parts of ourselves we hide, deny, and suppress. The pieces and parts we reject, shame, fear and disapprove.

I love shadow work!  Every time I dive in to meet and accept part of myself I feel more whole and complete. I feel expansive. I love supporting people, just like in you in your path to awakening, love, and acceptance. And our shadow is a key piece.  

Astrology and pop culture are wonderful tools to guide us in identifying our shadows. Each zodiac sign in based on archetypes. Each sign carries different attributes. Using the zodiac we can see where are shadow lives, through the descriptions, the words, the adjectives that cause a reaction. Cause us to judge, disapprove or say, “that isn’t me,” “that is horrible, how could someone be like that?” “I would never.” I can’t stand people like that.” This is your shadow.

Pop culture illuminates our shadows. We become engrossed in other people’s lives. Judging them. Ridiculing them. Wishing we were them. Those characters or celebrities that cause you to react with judgment, anger, shame and even jealousy, that is your shadow.

Time to celebrate and meet your shadow. I’ve created this handy PDF worksheet and a guided meditation to guide in meeting and working with an aspect of your shadow. Want deeper work, watch my vlog or contact me.