A reminder of why we heal

Photo by  Jarl Schmidt  on  Unsplash

This life is the life you are experiencing in the here and now. This is the life that you get to make your best life. This is this the time to manifest your dreams. To befriend your demons. To share your gifts and talents. Often times, we get stuck. We get trapped by doubt, fear, shame, and judgment. So often we compare ourselves to others. Believing that others have more of what we want because they are better than us in our shared abilities. Forgetting that we all have shared talents and abilities but each brings our own uniqueness to the world. There are thousands of people who share your profession, some more successful than you or less successful than you. But they are not you. Because you are you. You bring your own talents and abilities to the world.

Life isn't easy. It's painful. It's hard. It hurts. But it is also full of beauty. Joy. Love. Part of life is being in each moment. Allowing each moment to info and teach. Being present to the experience. Everything we’ve been through informs who we are now. The key is not staying there. It’s allowing it to be stepping stones to our awesomeness.

Getting unstuck is scary. Because we have to let go of beliefs and habits that no longer serve us. We have to get real with ourselves. We have to be willing to step into the light and be seen. I get it I’ve been there. I use to step behind others and let them stand in the spotlight. I would say I couldn’t do something because someone else was better than me, I didn’t have the talent or skill that they do. These judgments, these shadow aspects kept me stuck. I had to own my shadow aspects of having talent, being seen and heard. Realizing that I bring something to the world, just like you do. We stay stuck because even in the pain, we know it. We predict it. This becomes a place of comfortable discomfort. Stepping into the light means adjusting to the newness that does not fit our previous norms. This is part of waking up. This is part of the spiritual path. Part of the soul’s journey. Remembering your greatness and shining.