Empath's Guide to Halloween and When Things go Bump in the Night

Photo by  freestocks.org  on  Unsplash

I love Halloween! The changing of the leaves, honoring ancestors (want to know about honoring your ancestors, click here)and scary movies.

However, as a child Halloween came as a mixed bag of anxiety, depression and excitement. Excitement for the fun and thrill. The costumes, trick or treating, parties, candy, scary movies, haunted houses. The anxiety of the thinned veil (I didn’t realize this as a kid) knowing that I would feel emotions and energy at a heightened state. Depression that came with the intensity of feeling energy and emotions that I could not place or understand.

For all for this, I know empaths and starseeds  that love Halloween and hate Halloween.

October is a month of: man made created frights (the cheesy, the fun, the real). As well as, a celebration and shared curiosity and exploration of ghosts, hauntings, aliens, myths, legends and the occult. We delve into all those things that scare us, to provide deeper understanding of our world and life experiences. For some, we love these things year round, others, October gives them permission to explore.

For empaths and starseeds, October is great month to remind us of our soul care rituals and habits so we don’t take on the world’s energy and emotions.

So what can you do?

Know where you are going so you can prepare. Going to the cemetery for a historical tour? A real or staged haunted house (both can unpleasant and frightening energy)

Before going out and even before you start your tour:

Ground yourself. Need some assistance, click here for a guided meditation and here for some grounding ideas.

Surround yourself in violet light. You can do a bubble or even imagine a scuba suit that you zip up to protect you. Make sure your light is glittery (negativity can’t stick to what reflects it) or if you can make yourself invisible by surrounding yourself with mirrors (be careful with this one, because then you are invisible to everyone and everything. You don’t want to get injured because someone didn’t see you).

Photo by  Artsy Vibes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash

Create your own talisman/satchel of support:

a pouch to wear around your neck or bag to carry in your purse or pocket. Each item can be used individually or together.

What you need:

  • Satchel or pouch, that you can wear around your neck, place in your pocket or purse

  • Crystal of your choice. Crystals (tourmaline, obsidian, onyx). You can choose a protective stone, a stone that you connect with or a stone that holds special meaning to you.

  • Herbs for protection: angelica, fennel, rosemary or an herb you feel connected to. Perhaps you have a different plant allie that wants to support you. Or perhaps, you feel drawn to a certain plant, that works too.

  • Picture of a God, Goddess, deity, person, mythical creature or animal that feels protective to you. You can even choose a super hero if you want. How many of use have superhero lanyards or keyrings (this works for protection, if you let the lanyard or keyring know what you’d like from it).

Before placing each item in the pouch, Take a moment to place your intention in stone, herbs, oils, picture. Let them know what you’d like from them. Place your items in the pouch, take a moment to let the pouch know your intentions and wala you are done.

If you are going to the cemetery or a truly haunted place, weave your way back home so the spirits can’t follow you.

Watching a scary movie, follow it with something funny, great music and comforting smells.

You can also:

  • Wear a mirror around your neck.

  • Carry or wear an evil eye stone.

Great daily practices year round:

Clearing and refilling:

Clearing is getting rid of anything that is stuck to you. Refilling is bring you back to you. If you are clear glass. Throughout the day other people are dumping their stuff into your glass. Your vessel becomes dirty and heavy. Often times we dump the vessel but forget to fill it back up to keep others from dumping into our glass.

When you clear,  you can the moon cycles and signs to inspire the elements you work with for clearing.

Photo by  Filip Bunkens  on  Unsplash

For you:

You can take a cleansing shower. I love using salt and fresh lemon or lime. Don’t have fresh lemon or lime, essential oils is great. Allow everything to wash away from you. Let everything go down the drain.

Laughter, music, movement and art are great ways to reset ourselves. Each can provide a release as well as, bring us back to ourselves.

Throughout the day, you can imagine that you are letting go and giving everything that does not serve you consciously or unconsciously to the Earth. Help her recycle what you give her into positive energy (you can do this by setting the intention, “I am releasing all that no longer serves me consciously and unconsciously and recycling it into positive energy.”) You can also imagine everything you release become beautiful glittery light.  

Photo by  Dane Deaner  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

At home:

First open a door or window (s) so the energy you want to clear out can leave. Next, make noise throughout your house, room by room. Use a drum, rattle, pots and pans. Go through each room saying, “only that which is for my highest good my stay all else must level.” Then clear your home with palo santo, sage or copal. You can imagine that you painting all the walls gold. You can ground your house and then surround it in a violet and gold buble, don’t forget the glitter. Lastly, fill your home with the energy and vibes you want it to have. Music. Laughter. Good smells. Cooking a meal or favorite dish can also raise the vibration of your home. Especially those recipes that have sentimental value, our favorite foods and those connected to family.

For when things go bump in the night:

Clearing yourself and home regularly is a wonderful way to keep your space high vibe. However, things happen.

If you sense something and it feels scary say, “I see you and no you may not, by the I am that I am.” (the I am that I am sets your authority).

If you have an area of your home that feels particularly unsettling or nawrly, set salt in the corners or around your bed. Salt lamps in rooms can be helpful.

Get plants. Plants are great filters and elevate the vibe of a room.

Put your crystals out. Make sure you remember to clear them regularly. You can even create a crystal grid. Place crystals is specific locations, and connect them together with the your intention of what you’d like the gird to do. A great grid to create is place celenite on each far wall of your home or in each room, with tourmaline in each corner. Stand in the middle of the room and connect each crystal. This is a wonderful protective grid.

If you are up to it, find out what the energy wants. We can create unwanted energy with our emotions and sometimes we just need to clear ourselves and our space. Or is it helpful energy that is seeking your attention. Or it could be energy that wants your attention, such as ancestors, elementals (fae, gnomes, elves). Find out how you can co-exist with this helping energy.

If you astral travel, make sure you ground yourself before sleep. Many of our souls work while we are sleeping, and this can cause sleepless nights and unsettled feelings. Set the intention, “I only give permission for what I would while I’m awake.” as well as, setting the intention that do you want to be awoken. And remember if something wakes you up in the middle of the night say, “I see you, no you may not, by the I am that I am.”

If you are still feeling unsettled, you might need to see a shaman, psychic or ghost expert.

Have fun this October, allow your curiosity to lead you on new adventures and explore what you wonder about. Be prepared, know where you are going and trust your intuition.