Defense Against the Dark Arts: Empaths Guide to finding your Patronus through astrology

It’s almost like they can smell it on you. They are drawn to you, like some invisible magnet pulls them to you.


As an empath or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) you feel it all, from everyone and every place. People and environments become dementors preying on your magical life essence. They sense it in you and pounce upon you.  Many unknowingly take from you. And you unknowingly give to them. You feel drained, exhausted and less than.


As an empath/HSP bringing awareness into what you feel, hold, keep, transmute, give away and accept allows you to create loving boundaries and honor yourself without giving yourself away or holding what is not yours. As empaths/HSP we often take ownership of others feelings and stuff. That’s not our place. When you claim someone else’s feelings you take away their life lessons and growth. Our emotions are messengers, we learn and grow from them. When you hold onto others feelings (perhaps because you love them and want to spare them from the pain and hurt) you rob them of the experience to work through, grow and heal. As an empaths/HSP you have a beautiful gift of feeling deeply and with this comes great empathy and compassion. Allowing you to go places most people fear and reject. You are like guide to the underworld. You can go to those places and help transmute the pain into evolution.

The world of dementors can be a scary place. It doesn’t have to be. Because you already have the tools you need to shield and nurture.


Your Patronus- Defense Against the Dark Arts- Lesson 1

Your patronus. What? You ask. Yes your patronus, it’s been with you since birth. Our astrological signs are our patronus. They are ready and waiting to be used consciously. Our imagination is a wonderful healing tool, and calling on it to aid us when life feels too much, is a beautiful way to lessen the burden, to expand ourselves and increase our happiness.

I delved into three of the types of our astrological makeup. Your ascending, moon and sun signs. Each of these we engage with on a daily basis. Each can help depending on the relationship and situation.

Your ascending sign or rising sign is how you appear to others.

Your moon sign represents your emotions, subconscious and your primal instincts.

Your sun sign represents your personality, ego and vitality.

For your patronus you are using the power of the sign to assist you in creating boundaries out of unconditional love as well as shielding you from being drained.

When calling on your patronus you can envision yourself surrounded by the element and being, you can become it, you can use its nature, aspects and traits to assist you. I encourage you to play with this, have fun. These aspects are already part of you, allow them to express themselves in the way that feels most natural to you.

Each sign is represented by a creature. Spend time thinking about what the creature symbolizes to you, what are its natural strengths? What physical attributes does it have for defense?

Next, think about the characteristics of the sign, what makes it powerful and dynamic?


Shadow Triggers

If you find yourself judging or disliking an aspect of a sign.  That’s your shadow.  Spend some time with that aspect. Can you find another word that doesn’t trigger you but means the same thing? Can you identify why and when the aspect is helpful? And when you, yourself have used that aspect. When we are aware of our shadow, it is less likely to be used against us (that is a whole nother lesson, which I will cover soon, stay tuned).


Four Elements

Each sign belongs to one of four elements, fire, water, earth and air. You can use this energy and super charge your patronus. Each element is powerful!

I have started you off with a few suggestions, but please explore and honor what feels right for you. Some signs might feel a bit more abstract, that’s perfectly okay lean in with creativity and openness.


Earth Signs

Earth shifts and moves. Earth creates earthquakes and landslides.



Capricorn (Sea Goat or goat)  the governor

  • initiates
  • objective
  • fixed

Virgo (virgin-seeing things as new) the craftsman

  • entertainer
  • analytic
  • changeable

Taurus: (bull) the builder

  • strong
  • powerful
  • steady

Air Signs

Air can be calm, forceful and swift. Air creates hurricanes, wind storms and tornadoes.


Aquarius (fish/water bearer) the teacher

  • rebellious
  • unconventional
  • unpredictable

LIbra (scales) the judge

  • diplomatic
  • romantic
  • impartial

Gemini (twins-polarity) the jester

  • comedian
  • changeable
  • quick thinker

Water Signs

Water can be still, it can flow and be deep. Water creates tidal waves, swift currents and ice.

Pisces (fish)  the messiah

  • chameleon
  • Intuitive
  • evasive

Scorpio (scorpion) the outlaw

  • shapeshifter
  • passionate
  • mysterious

Cancer- (crab) the mother

  • intuitive
  • reflective
  • nurturing

Fire Signs

Fire can be quick, hot and destructive. Fire creates, forest fires, sparks and flames.


Sagittarius (centaur) the archer

  • Blunt
  • free spirited
  • witty

Leo (lion) the father

  • performer
  • confident
  • dramatic

Aries: (ram)  the warrior

  • active
  • spontaneous
  • fearless


You don’t have to stop with western astrology, you can use any astrology you are drawn to.  You don’t’ have to stop with astrology, look at what creatures you are drawn to. How can their aspects and energy assist you in empowering your gifts, creating boundaries out of unconditional love and shield your life force?


Wands at the ready!  Go, have fun and play!  Healing doesn’t have to be dreadful and painful, all the time. It can be fun, full of magic and imagination!