Manifesting Your Dreams (setting goals and using the moon to enhance your process)

It’s the New Year and you are full of energy, desire, motivation and a plan to take over the world. However, somewhere during the year, between living life and creating your dream life you get derailed, off track and sometimes you never get back to where you hoped you would be. It’s normal for our life dreams to evolve, shift and change as we do. And being able to change with them is necessary. But what about ways to keep the same motivation you started with at the beginning of the year? What about when you tired and have lost motivation?

Here are a couple things you can do starting in the New Year and doing throughout the year.

Look at the aspects of your life, the parts that you are happy with and places that you want to improve. Set goals for each, for those places that are good, can you improve them? Or do you create a maintenance plan, like what we do with our cars?

Areas of your life:

In order to thrive being mindful of our various aspects of life is important. We can easily feel out of balance and drained when our aspects are out of alignment. How can you support these aspects throughout the year? What soul care practices can you implement?

  • Mental-what do you want to learn this year? What does your mind desire this year? This can include formal education or learning a new hobby like rock climbing or sewing.

    • Soul care-what can you bring to your life to support yourself mentally?Meditation, time in nature, reading a good book, learning something new?

  • Physical- what does your body desire this year? Exercise, rest, healthy foods, vitamins?

    • Soul care- how can you honor your body this year? Healthy foods? exercise? time in nature? mediation? Massage?

  • Spiritual- what does your soul desire this year? What will expand you? Support you on your soul’s journey?

    • Soul care- meditation, guided imagery, connecting to guides, ancestor connection, nature?

  • Emotional- how can you support your emotions this year? Journal? Counseling? Energy work? Talking?

    • Soul care- meet your emotions where they are, try not to run from them. It’s important to acknowledge our emotions and not run from them or hold onto them.

  • Work- who do you want to be? Are you happy in your current job? What work would enliven your being? Start working towards your life dream career.

    • Soul care- start to move towards work that honors your soul’s path. If work is draining and you cannot current make the shift- what can you do to support yourself in other aspects of your life? Take vacations to places the fill you.

  • Money- how are you, finances? What commitments do you need to make to your money this year? How can you improve your finances this year? What money habits can you change this year?

    • Soul care- this year take time to monthly to review your finances. Make it fun- play music, drink your favorite drink, have your favorite snacks. Be honest with yourself, the state of money and things you can to improve it. Treat your money like a lover.

  • Love- how are your relationships? What do they desire? How can the be improved? Any relationship habits that no longer serve you?

    • Soul care- Do you love yourself? If not start to create practices that love you, do things you enjoy. When you treat yourself with love and respect it’s easier to honor those in your life with love and respect.

  • Relationships- how are your relationships with yourself, the ones you love, friends, family, your community? What can you change or improve? What do you desire?

    • Soul care- create loving boundaries that support you and your friends. Say no when you need to. Be honest with yourself and others. What ways can you give back to your community this year? How can you start to create a better world?

Action Steps

  • Write down your goals. Create a goal or goals for each aspect of your life. But don’t just stop there, break down your goals into doable actionable steps. At the beginning of the month, write down your goals, break them down by week and even daily if needed. Don’t give yourself too many goals, it overwhelms the brain. Keep to 3-5.

  • Create a vision board, put it where you can see it, look at it often

  • Create affirmations to support your goals

  • Act as if, imagine that you already have everything you desire

The Moon as Support

The moon is a beautiful reminder to check in with our process. The moon has 8 cycles a month. For now, we are going to focus on two. If we take on too much too soon we can overwhelm yourself and create stuckness.

With the monthly New Moon ask yourself what you do desire to create? Achieve? Manifest? What intentions need to be set?

The full moon is a great time to reset your energy. During the full moon ask yourself what needs to be revised? Released? Let go? What have you been carrying? This a great time to purge what no longer serves you or your path.

Check the sign, mode and element the moon is in to help amplify your work.

  • Mode:

Cardinal- initiating energy (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorm)

Fixed- sustaining energy (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus)

Mutable- tranferring energy (Sagitarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo)

  • Element:

Fire-creative, motivated, optertunistic (Aries, Leo, Sagitarius)

Earth- methodical, pragmatic, grounded (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)

Air- analytical, curious, observant (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini)

Water- intuitive, sensitive, feeling (Cancer, Sorpio, Pisces)

In creating your year ahead:

  • Write down what you desire

  • Look at steps you can take daily, weekly and monthly

  • Celebrate your success, reward yourself daily when you accomplish your goals, and no goal is too small

  • Review your process, your success, and failures. Look where you might need to change something or let something go.

  • Enjoy the process!

You are soul here with a purpose! You can achieve your dreams! You can live your purpose! You can achieve greatness!