Finding your allies through dreams, imagination and your world

The mundane world is full of magical allies. All you have to do is ask.

We are surrounded by helping spirits:








Ascended masters


Mythical creatures

One of the easiest ways to reconnect to your helping spirits is pay attention to your surrounds. What animals and plants seem to continually pop around you. Is there an animal you keep seeing? A plant you keep noticing? Your allies are trying to get your attention.

Meeting a guide meditation (click here for a guided meditation)

Give yourself permission to be in this experience. Give yourself permission to engage with your imagine, subconscious and universe. Set the intention that you would like to meet a guide to assist you in connecting with ancestors, guides and spirits (if you choose). Declare you will only engage with that which is here for your highest and greatest good.

Take a moment to feel your feet/butt connected to the floor, chair or surface you are sitting or laying on. Really feel the weight of your body, the sensations of how the floor, socks, shoes or clothing feels on your body.

Place a hand on your heart and one on your stomach, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. On each breath feel the air moving into your body, filling your lungs and out of your body. Breath in for four counts, hold four counts, out four counts and hold six counts. You can change the counts to what works best for you, keeping the out breath longer, as it naturally relaxes your body.

Now feel like you are moving downstairs counting from 10-1. You find yourself at a door. Take a moment to look at the door (what does it look like). When you are ready go through the door. You will find yourself in a garden. Notice what is around you. Animals, people. When you see an element you can talk to, ask it 3 times if it is here for your highest good, if at anytime, they say no, ask that they point you to the guide that is. When you meet your guide; ask their name, if they are here to help you with connecting to your guides and ancestors. Take time to get to know your guide. When you are ready retrace your steps going back the way you came, through the door, shutting it behind you and up the stairs.

If you don’t see anything, that is perfectly fine. What do you feel, smell, taste or hear. Do words come to mind? A song? Allow whatever comes to come to you.

Empaths and guides-2.png

Working on a project, do you want to paint, draw, write. Meditation or do the guided meditation above to connect with a teacher.

Looking for a crystal, mythical creature, element, elemental, animal, ascended master, teacher, ancestor, deity or plant ally? Explore your world and see what calls to you? What are you curious about? Drawn to? Like?

Each day take time to be notice your world. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel? What sticks out? Calls to your attention? These could be signs. Explore what you notice and what it invokes.

Take time you honor your relationship with your allies. Offer them gifts. Celebrate them. The more energy you put into your relationship with your guides the more you’ll get back.

Have fun and be open.