Dream Rituals

Bringing ritual to our dream world, enhances our relationship with our dreams. It creates intention and permission. It guides us in communication with our deepest soul’s wisdom, guides, ancestors, loved ones, teachers and ascended masters.

There a few ways to bring ritual to your dream work. Ritual brings intention and daily routine to aspects of life we might take for granted or hurry through.


Pre sleep rituals:

Pre sleep/ dream rituals are the things you do before bed to help you connect with your dreams, as well as, to create an open space for dreams to flourish.

  • Aromatherapy: Can be relaxing. Using it nightly trains your brain to know it is time to relax and slow down. Also, it can allow you time to fall asleep and play in the twilight. The space between consciousness and sleep. This is a wonderful place to spend time interacting with your imagination. Explore where your imagination takes you. You can engage not only with the dreamscape but the characters as well.

  • Tea: A bedtime tea, nightly can help relax the body and let the mind know it is time to slow down and be less active.

  • Grounding: Allows you to consciously reconnect to yourself. Depending on how you ground, you can blend in releasing the day. Grounding can help you feel less scattered when you wake up from your dream travels.

  • Releasing the day: What do you need to let go of to fall asleep tonight? Do you need to journal, do yoga, exercise, paint? What things happened in your day, that you are ready to release so they don’t play out in your sleep?

journal bed.jpg

Waking rituals:

What do you do when you wake up? Waking rituals help you to remember what gifts your dreams brought.

  • Write your dream: Give yourself an extra couple minutes each morning. If you do this everyday, your mind will get use to getting up and writing. This helps you retain the dream content and the dream will be less like to vanish.

  • Record your dream: No time to write? No problem, use a voice recorder and speak your dream.

  • Go with the feeling: Don’t remember your dream? That’s okay, write or record what you felt when you woke up. Did you have a song in your head? An image? Scent, sound, taste, a feeling or emotion? Write or record it. Let it flow, you never know what messages will come to you!

journal beach.jpg

Dream Play rituals:

What do you do with the information from your dreams. Dreamwork rituals are the beautiful ways you get to play with your dreams and discover the rich messages waiting to guide and support you.

  • Retell the dream: Go back to your dream journal and pick a dream and retell it. The fresher the dream the better. Use your five senses in telling your dream, as well as,  first person. Pretend that you are telling a blind friend about an amazing experience you just had, and you want them to experience it too. You’d be surprised at what you remember when you retell your dreams.

  • Talk with the characters in the dream: Go back to a dream and interact with the characters. You can talk to anything or anyone in your dream. Have fun and ask questions.

  • Be in the dream- what do you smell,taste, hear, feel, and see?  Create a living experience, like explaining what happened to your blind friend.

  • Create art to represent the dream: paint, draw, write a poem, create a pinterest board or collage. Bring your dream out of the dream world and into reality. This helps you incorporate the dream message into reality.

Have fun creating your dream rituals.  See which one’s influence or enhance your dream space the most. Click here, to download my handy dream rituals cheat sheet.