Wrapping up 2017 and Bringing in 2018


Oh December. I love December, it is one of my favorite months: my birthday, the Holidays, family and festivities. It's also a great time to review 2017 and set your intentions for 2018. Why? Because we can look back and see what lessons we have learned, what things we want to change or do differently, the things that worked and didn't work. We bring wisdom to the goals and hopes of 2018.


Creating a 2017 yearly review

  • Find some time that you will be uninterrupted. Maybe even schedule it on your calendar. 
  • Get comfortable. Maybe take a relaxing bath before you start, with bubbles or bath bombs, whatever eases you. 
  • Play some of your favorite music.
  • Light a candle. Or several. 
  • Grab some crystals. I tend to grab whatever is calling me. 
  • Get your favorite drink and snack.
  • Grab your journal and day planner and ask yourself (take your time, this is a time of reflection):
    • What did I do in 2017, that I am really proud of?
    • What were my accomplishments?
    • What were the best parts of the year?
    • What did I sacrifice?
    • What do I want to do better?
    • What do I want to do more of?
    • Where did I fail (we learn a lot from our mistakes)?
    • What do I need to forgive myself for? Others? (starting the new year with new energy helps create and maintain our momentum, intentions and manifestations. You are leaving 2017, in 2017)
    • What lessons did I learn?
    • What do I want less of?
    • What do I want to release or let go? (what do you need to leave in 2017 to make 2018 better?)
    • What bucket list items did I do?
calendar make it happen.jpeg

Creating goals and intentions for 2018

You can do this when you do your review or later. I tend to do my review and then process the feelings, experiences and situations of year. I look at everything I journaled about then think how do I want the next year to be.

  • How do I want to feel?
  • What do I want to experience?
  • What areas do I want to grow in?
  • What bucket list items can I achieve?
  • What do I want to achieve this year?

Divide your goals into

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Health
  • Any other categories you can think of (business, marketing, relationships, etc.) 

I tend to think of ways I want to grow mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually). 



  • I love doing a tarot annual spread, looking at my year to come. What insights can I gain, what areas might need extra attention, what attitudes or believes do I need to harvest or release, where might I need to be cautious?
  • Your yearly astrology chart also can provide insight into the year to come. Areas that need more or less attentions. Areas that are on track or might cause me some issues. 
  • I love using the tarot and astrology to help me see where I need to focus my intentions, focus my energy, where I need to do work. As well as, areas that I can grow, cultivate and honor. 
  • I also will pick an image, word or phrase to guide my year. Some years I have done all of them. The word, image and phrase helps keep you on track and remind you of your intentions for the year.
  • Creating a vision board and putting it where you can see it. This is another way to tap into the energy and intentions of the new year. It's a visual reminder of what you want and where you are going. 
  • I also pick a song for the year. A song that pumps me up, and again reminds me of my intentions for the year. Nothing like starting the day with a positive, inspirational song to get you motivated! 

Wishing a 2018 full of adventures!