Empaths and Vulnerability

As an empath it can be downright overwhelming to be vulnerable. You already feel everything. However, vulnerability connects us to others and helps others feel connected to us. As an empath you already feel connected to others, however, sometimes others don’t feel connected to you because you are doing your best to filter out all the information coming in. So, you put up walls to protect yourself. And sometimes, the people in your life, may feel very connected to you, because you get them. You are an empath and you have the ability to understand others on a deeply profound level. But do they get you? Are they connecting to you? Are you opening up and sharing with others?

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When you hide your vulnerability you allow fear to control you. We fear sharing ourselves because of rejection and judgement. When we are rejected or judged by others, this tells you a great deal about the other person. Remember when the fear of rejection and judgement come up:

They judge and reject themselves. They are not in a place to accept you because they cannot accept themselves. They are not ready to deal their own stuff that you remind them of, so it’s easier to push you away then to face themselves.

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Can you be a model to the person who is rejecting and judging you? Can you lead by example, by embracing your human-ness. When we are okay with who we are, we give others permission to be okay with who they are. 

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As an empath, vulnerability is scary. You are allowing others to see you for who you are. As an empath you already know which people are living in fear of rejection and judgement, so you already have the advantage of knowing who you can share with and who you can't. When empaths are vulnerable they teach the world the art of unconditional love and acceptance. 

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