Your mission and manifesto

Often times in life, we feel lost, lacking direction or as if we are wandering without purpose.  As humans, we like to have purpose, focus and direction. A personal mission statement and manifesto can provide you with all of that and more.  Your personal mission statement can become your compass.  And your manifesto your map. They can be your light in the darkness. It can be a reminder of what you want to accomplish and who you are.

To help, I've created this PDF

We often create New Year resolutions and many people create their personal mission statement and/or manifesto at the same time.  However, I feel fall is perfect time to relook at, revamp, create or recreate both or one or the other. The fall tends to be a time of inward reflection and introspection.  A wonderful time to delve into you and what you are all about.

When creating your personal mission statement, ask yourself:

            What’s your legacy? How do you want to be remembered?

            What are you values and morals? What do you stand for? What is important to you? Are

            there codes you live by?

            How do you want people to describe you when you aren’t around?

            What you want in life? What are your goals?

Take your time.  Write it. Leave it. Go back to it. Sleep on it. Meditate about it. Check in with your support team.  Check in with your guides. Check your Akashic records. Find inspiration on the web, in books and in nature.

Here's an example of my personal mission statement:



A wonderful addition to your mission statement is a personal manifesto.  Your manifesto can focus more on your goals and what you really want in life. Tap into the emotion.  This is how you experience life.  How you want to feel. The goodness you spread in the world.

Questions to ask:

            How do I want to feel?

            How do I want to be seen?

            What do I have to offer and give?

            How do I want to experience life?

            What do I want to create?

Here's an example of my manifesto:

Remember, your mission statement is the end destination; your manifesto is the map.

Now put this where you can see them every day.  Decorate them.  Collage them. Put them on your vision board. Celebrate them.  Share them. Celebrate them. You can share yours with me on social media @forwardkindheart on Facebook and Instagram. I’d love to hear and see what you create.