The ebb and flow of spiritual growth: lean into the seasons

“I find there is a quality to being alone that is incredibly precious. Life rushes back into the void, richer, more vivid, fuller than before.”
Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea
Spiritual growth


Stepping into the void, it is the call of the night, the seduction of the moon, the dance of shadows and the beckoning of darkness that pulls us into transformation.

Spiritual growth is the process of the soul following the journey of the seed. Each year - each season - gaining new knowledge and profound perceptions.

In the dark depth, void of light, the seed begins its journey. Nurtured in the subterranean sable soil. Slowly growing. Only when it is ready, when it is time, does the new growth break its shell.  Still growing, pushing, changing, expanding  - the new life penetrates the earth’s crust.  Sharing its beauty, its light with the world.

This is our soul’s journey.  Like the seed, following the cycles of the seasons.

Like seeds, each fall we go deep, into the fertile and fostering soil.  We go, to sit and stir, and face our demons. Here is the time to be gentle with yourself.  To listen. To honor.

 Give yourself permission to dive into the depth.


All winter we enter this hibernation of growth.  The world is barren - everything is percolating underground. We go within, swirling, tending, provoking and inciting our own transformation. Dancing with our demons, sitting with our shadow, facing our fears. Delving into our dreams. Leaning into the wisdom of our ancestors. Igniting our soul’s evolution.

Heed your needs. Allow yourself to slow down.  Step into the places that call you.


We long for spring. To spout. To frolic. To be free. It is the time of shedding our shells and breaking the darkness. To exit the void- renewed, refreshed, reborn. Sharing the insight gained in our incubation. Perhaps this year you are slow to awaken, still cultivating winter’s wisdom. Or maybe you are bursting ready to flourish.

Remember, you are exactly where you need to be. There is no hurry. Allow your unfolding to happen naturally, aligning with your soul’s process.


In the summer we delight in the light. Play in the sun. Free to explore. Still stretching and growing. Ever expanding. Creating. The light encourages exuberant exploration. We feel more alive. Active. Playful. Don’t over burden yourself.  Summer becomes the time of doing more and being less.

Grant yourself to be fully present, soaking it all in, moment to moment.

Fall returns with the call to once again surrender to the dark.


I love the call of fall. Seeking refuge inside. The lure of winter. Finding my place in the darkness. The song of spring. The rejoicing in rebirth. The aliveness of summer. The buzz in the bustle. Some years I struggle to leave my slumber. Others I fight the emanate freeze. Each year bringing new gifts, awareness and understanding. I only have to stop and be.

Within the spiritual paradigm we are often mislead that traveling to enlightenment is a straight shot. Follow these rules, do these affirmations.  Don’t do this, definitely do that.

It doesn’t work that way.

spiritual growth

The road to enlightenment, to happiness, to being a better person, to enjoying life, is not straight but jagged, rocky.  It is ever changing because we are ever changing.

Along the way we gather different tools and techniques. Some work for a while. Some feel like a waste of time and money. Some feel like the answer we have been searching for. But each teaches a new lesson to apply to the next season. The next incubation period, where you journey into the darkness, to sit in the void. To create. To manifest. To play in the shadows.  To dance in the moonlight.  To swoon in the night. 

The truth is, we fear the dark. We run from change, because is hard. It’s scary. We fear what we do not know and have yet to understand. We run towards the light because that is where we feel safest. Yet, the most profound change happens when we sit in the darkness. We face those places that need the most love from us. The places we run from, hid from, discard and ignore.

This is where growth happens.

Some years, I face the inevitable pull of the descent kicking, swearing, defeated and lost.  And it is these times, that I most need to stop doing and start being. When I listen to the darkness. When I face my fears. When I allow myself to go to those places I emerge anew.

Some years my seasons are out of sorts, I feel the winds of winter in summer.  The play of spring in fall. I have learned the more I fight the less I grow. The more I search outside of me the worse I feel. I have learned to surrender to the call of my soul, allowing the waves to carry me where I need to go.

Spiritual growth is just that - growth. Ever changing.  Ever new. Ever illuminating. It’s deep. It’s profound. It is a dictionary of emotions, sometimes erupting, sometimes simmering, sometimes slowly trickling and sometimes a monstrous flood. It’s the journey of the soul to express its truth. Your truth.  Just the like the seed.

Take time to sit in the dark. To listen to the void. To dance in the moonlight. To hear the whispers of your soul.  To move with the ebb and flow of the seasons, let them guide you.  Follow their rhythm. Take time to tend your dreams, access ancestral advice, see your shadow, and cultivate your creative expression.

Unconditionally love it all, because this is you, the seed growing, budding and reaching the light.