What is therapy?

That feels like such a loaded question.  Therapy is subjective.  You will get different answers depending on who you ask.

To me, therapy is:

A place of deep and profound healing. Here is where you shed the old and embrace the new.  You work through pain and trauma, empowering it to be a source of potency and strength not a shame or guilt.

A place to be heard and seen as you. Uncensored.

A place to explore and process your life, your stories, your experiences, your beliefs. All that affects you and you on a soul level.

A place to laugh. To learn. To expand. To grow. To play.

A place where you meet your shadow. Unleash your creativity. Connect to guides. Explore dreams. Find your voice.

A place to see what archetypes, myths and legends affect you and your life. 

A place to explore your family. Your ancestors.  To heal family wounds and traumas. A place to honor your family. Your ancestors. Their stories which influenced your story.

A sacred play to wash, to breath, to burn, to plant.

Ultimately therapy is your place.  It’s a safe sacred retreat. Wrapped in magic and ritual. Held in unconditional love.  So that you can heal on a soul level. To be the authentic beautiful you, happy and whole.  And prepared for whatever life throws at you. 

Still need some work on my editing skills.  Hope you enjoy the video :)