Can You Help Me?

Can You Help Me?

Yes, I can! (don't feel like reading, click the yes I can for the recorded version)

I only ask a couple things of you:

I ask you to meet me in the middle.  You need to show up.  Bring your shit.  The stuff that keeps you up at night.  The stuff that you are afraid to share with anyone else.  The stuff you hide under your bed.  The stuff that bothers you.  The stuff you need to process.  The stuff you need to let go of. 

Bring your demons.  The skeletons in closet. Your baggage. Your regrets and guilts.  Bring it all. 

Bring your dreams. Your hopes. Fantasies. Creativity. Bring your willingness and curiosity. 

Bring you.

We are going to set you free from that which binds you.  We are going to connect you to your truth, your soul!  So you can shine and share your beauty with the world.

This is a time for you to explore your life, your experiences, your feelings, uncensored. A time to express, discover, and be authentically you. 

What do I bring?

I will bring empathy and compassion. An open heart. Intuition. Curiosity. Unconditional love. 

I will listen to you, I will see and hear you. 

I also bring a treasure trove of tools to share and teach you!

Because when you work with me, you get me.  I care about you and your story, I want to see you happy and healed and whole.  I see your soul, your truth, your radiant beauty.

Therapy for me and I hope you, is much more than talking.  It’s an experience.  It’s magical transformation. It’s unleashing your creativity, freely expressing yourself.  It’s meeting guides and ancestors.  It’s connecting to your soul.  It’s releasing all that keeps you from being the amazing you. It’s a place where you can be authentically you, without fear or reservation.

I love using intuition, creativity, ritual, cards, guided imagery, shamanic journeying, shadow work, akashic records (not sure what it is, click here), nature, astrology, and much more.

I want you to be empowered.  I want you to have a safe sacred space to be seen and heard. To express yourself. To share and explore your life story.

I offer a place to be uncensored authentically unapologically beautifully you. 

Gotta love my expression- looks like I need to practice my editing :)  Enjoy the video.  Also, I created a PDF to help you start to look the places that are keeping you from being AMAZING!

I'd love to hear from you what keep you from shining!