Self Care Advice from some AWESOME people

Self-care is vital to your well-being!  Each of us has different ways that we love ourselves.  

I asked a group of successful entrepreneurs the following questions:

1.    What is your favorite self-care ritual?

2.    What about on bad days?

3.    Best piece of advice?

4.    When did you realize you needed self-care?

I am honored and thrilled to share their words of wisdom! Enjoy!  Dive in and see what you can take and use in your life!


1.    My basic self-care ritual is taking time to read and relax. It's very simple but very rejuvenating.

2.    On really bad days I give my 16 month old to my husband and lock myself away in a room to myself, I listen to inspirational/motivational audio or watch videos online, read books, and talk to my female friends.

3.    My best piece of advice on life is find people that are aligned with your vision of what life should be and create the kind of life you want around them - no matter who you are, you need people, best to have the kind of people that make sense to you.

4.    I realized I needed self care when I got pregnant and my husband couldn't understand all the emotions I was going through.

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Jen McKenna:

1.    Favorite self-care - nice hot bubble bath with a good book!

2.    Really bad days- I like to make a nice healthy juice - makes my bad days seem a lot better, and makes me feel more alert like I can take on anything!

3.    Advice – your family will always be your best friends, don’t ignore them. Or it will be to late.

4.     about 2 years ago, I knew I wasn’t taking care of myself properly. I needed to make a change as it was effecting the relationships around me.

Connie Curtis:

1. mediation, exercise, being in nature

2. I don’t create having bad days. I have done a lot of work on myself so I don’t have bad days... you can have a moment you feel disempowered, be at a low energy like a 2 or in the ebb not in flow. even at a 2 when you add value you will help someone that day...

3. love yourself and if you don’t work on yourself. get a coach. best thing I ever did. my life is amazing.

4. when I found I was gluten intolerant and had food allergies. I thought I was doing it before but I really wasn’t.

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Melanie Toner:

1. Spending time alone, whether that's mediation or a walk in nature.

2. Tune into my breath, be kind to myself.

3. No one thing with make or break you.

4. First, when I realized in my mid-20s when work became stressful. But it became very clear when I had my first child that it's was essential for me to practice self-care to be happy, joyful and mindful.

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Candace Gray:

1. My favorite self-care ritual is twofold. There are times when I need to wind down and relax in which I love to take some time to be pampered. I love massages, spas, and mani pedis. It makes me feel beautiful, relaxed and rejuvenated. However, there are times when I have energy and need to do something fun! I’m big on fun; playing interactive games, dancing.

2. On the really bad days sometimes I need to just get away. Travel. Drive somewhere not close to home. A place that inspires me with beauty, art, music and culture. There is so much to explore in our own backyards. It provides me a safe place to reflect and refocus.

3. My best piece of advice on life is to never stop having fun! Do what makes you happy. Shed the inhibitions and laugh until you cry...or snort. Go back to when life was carefree, and channel your inner child. After spending some time laughing and enjoying yourself, no one has ever said "Boy I wish I never laughed so much. Wow I don’t ever want to have fun again".

4. I realized I needed self-care during my Masters program. It was either take some time for myself or completely shut down. It was then that I began to enjoy spending time with myself.

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Erin McKelle:

1.         What’s your favorite self-care ritual? Going to the gym! It makes me feel really confident and ready to hit it afterwards.

2.         What do you do for self-care on the really bad days? I usually shut off, watch Netflix in bed with snacks and some good reading material.

3.         Best piece of advice on life? To never give up. Use your failure to make you stronger, because you'll never make a mistake if you learn from it. It's those who embrace their failure that are resilient and rise to the top.

4.         When you realized that you needed self-care? I would say when I first learned about it 4 or 5 years ago. It seems like something that is necessary for everyone, since we need to nurture ourselves to be able to be there for others.

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I hope this has inspired and helped!  Feel free to download my Emergency Self Care Kit PDF!  And please in the comments below, what's your favorite self care ritual, what works on really bad days, favorite piece of advice and/or when you realized you needed self-care?

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