Intentions for this blog

As I grow and change and as you grow and change, so does this blog.  My intentions for this blog is to bring you (my wonderful reader) helpful, inspirational and at times innovate information.  Tools to assist you in your life.

I want to inspire you to explore those places you fear.  To delve into your personal unknown.  To find the treasures buried deep within you.  I want you to eagerly explore all the ways your soul calls to you.  Yes, you are magnificent and already empowered in your journey.  However, there are still places that need your love and your attention.  My aim is help you heal and grow so that you can continue to provide the world with all your amazing magic and healing

Join me as I explore the darker side of the soul, it’s shadow and all the glorious gifts she brings.  As we fly on the wings of our dreams, finding the secret meanings and insights gifted by not only your soul, but ancestors, guides, myths and legends and so much more juiciness.  As we re-invoke the power of the modern day medicine woman.  I imagine you, the reader are already well versed in ways of the medicine woman, the woman of the future.  How do you cultivate her and honor her?  This is the beginning of balancing our inner divine masculine and feminine.  Lastly, the beautiful and courageous art of coming undone and rebuilding ourselves, which ebb and flows with intensity and purpose.  How to fall into the undone and ease into the rebuild. 

I look forward to hearing from you and if you are so lead, assisting you.