Self Care Kit


If you work with me or you won my newsletter drawing than you have an emergency self care kit.  However, if you don't I wanted to share the magic with you.  Here's what you need:

Coffee and or tea.  Pick your favorite.  A warm drink can easily calm the nerves creating a sense of well being.

Aromatherapy (vanilla and lavender)

Chocolate.  Especially dark. 

The chocolate and aromatherapy also release endorphins, helping you to feel better.

With the coffee, tea, chocolate and aromatherapy take a moment to savor it, experience it with your 5 senses. Give yourself this gift of peace and relaxation. Allow yourself to be in the moment, forgetting the world.

A candle to remind you, there is always light and to light the way

Rose Quartz- to remind you are loved and worthy of love

Glittery heart- to remind you are amazing!

Hope this helps!