Power of Photography

In case you missed my guess blog on Melissa Mulllins Portraits, here it is.  I am honored to feature her amazing photos!

Photography has the power to move us, to create an emotional reaction, it captures of the poetry of life.  As the model, you can be seen at your most vulnerable and beautiful.  As the photographer you have the ability to see the model’s true radiance and give her or him permission to shine.  Photography can be a powerful tool in healing the cracks of the soul.  Each picture has the ability to truly capture you in all your radiant and splendid beauty.  If you let it.

Most times we shy away from the camera.  Especially any type of picture that leaves us exposed.  The thought of bearing skin, being seen in our most natural state scares us.  We are so use to covering up not only our bodies but our souls.  We build our walls layer by layer to keep us safe.  Photography has the ability to loosen the layers, if not remove a couple. If you give yourself permission to be vulnerable, photography gives you a window into yourself. 

We rarely see ourselves as others see us.  Having your picture taken lets you, see yourself how others see you.  Through their lens not yours.  Your lens is decorated and skewed with years of experiences, all of our lens are.  With each life experience, positive or negative, the lens we view not only ourselves but the world becomes more and more tinted.  For some they become rose tinted and others scratched and dirty.  And each lens is switched with the context of the situation and subject matter.  We are all photographers in our lives, capturing moments, deciding which lens to perceive the world through. 

Allowing someone else to take your picture, when you are exposed, takes courage and heart.  To allow yourself to be seen through someone’s else’s eyes, you allow your soul to breath more. You allow yourself to open up more.  You allow you to be you, even if just a little.  It can be extremely healing and cathartic to be vulnerable in front of the camera.  To allow someone else into your world.  Allowing someone to see you as they see you and then reflect that back to you.  You are gifted a new set of eyes to see yourself through.

Will you take the courageous step, to be vulnerable and see you how the world sees you?