February's Loving You First- Step 3- Validation

 So often we seek validation from others.  Look to them to sing our praises.  To tell us that we are good enough.  Worthy enough.  Deserving enough.  This can be a slippery slope because the more as we do things to make others happy, the more we sidelining our own happiness.  It’s time to start validating yourself.  Reminding yourself, that you are worthy enough, deserving enough, good enough and loveable.  Yes, it’ll feel awkward at first.  But over time it’ll feel good.  If you are use to saying affirmations add these to your daily affirmations.  “I am worthy.” “I am good enough.”  I deserve love.”  Remind yourself that you deserve to be happy.  And you have the power to create your own happiness and that your happiness does not depend on someone else’s. 

To start, you've got to stop.  When you find yourself seeking someone else's validation.  Stop.  Ask yourself, "What am I missing?  What am I needing right now?"  If you can give yourself what you need.  Remember we often seek validation when we feel less than or not good enough.  Remind yourself, "I am good enough, I am worthy."

Be gentle with yourself.  You are working on changing years of conditioning.  Give yourself permission to be human. 

Note: part of this blog post was featured on Love Magazine.

Do you struggle with seeking validation outside of yourself?  Remember, you are not along.  If you need reach out to me, a trusted friend or therapist.