February's Loving You First- Step 5- Attention

We are all human.  We crave and need attention.  We like to be with others.  Even introverts enjoy time with people.  Let's look at how you perceive love through others actions, either by words, gifts, physical touch, doing things together or doing something nice for you.  We often process love by how others treat us.  Some of us love being told, we are loved and feel love through words, such as compliments and affirmations.  Others love hugs and cuddling.  For others it is gifts.  And still others feel love when someone does something nice for them, including chores around the house.  If you want more information and to learn how you express love check out the book: The 5 Languages of Love.

So, give yourself the attention you deserve.  Communicate to yourself that you love you.  How? Tell yourself you love you, give yourself compliments.  Buy yourself gifts.  Honor your body with lotion or a massage.  And don’t forget to do something nice for yourself.  Spend time with you, doing something you love.  Pick up your room, do your laundry.  Even notice how much better you feel when you clean your space? 

Each day strive to do something nice for you!  Indulge your 5 senses and have fun!  What ways will you give yourself the attention you deserve?

Note: part of this blog post was featured on Love Magazine.