February's Loving You First- Step 1: Forgiveness

 Check out last week's blog on self care tips to get started. 

This week we are going to focus on forgiveness. 

Each time you make a mistake.  Feel guilty or shame.  You need to forgive you.  If you are at fault, then apologize to the other person.  If they are at fault, it’s not your place to take ownership of their mistakes.  You can apologize for your role in the situation, how you handled it and reacted.  Key is to take responsibility for your role in the situation.  Don’t hold a grunge against yourself or beat yourself up.  Look for the lesson, learn, forgive and move on. 

To help you, you can look to ho'oponopono (ancient Hawaiian). Say to yourself, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me.  I love you.  Thank you." 

Taking it deeper: Journal about what you cannot forgive yourself for and why.  See if you can't start to let some of it go.  What purpose does it serve by holding onto it? 

One step deeper: Write down everything you want to release, let go and forgive yourself for.  Then burn it.  As it burns, allow the smoke to carry away all that you need to release, let go and forgive.

Remember: This can be a difficult process.  Show yourself unconditional love.  Reminder yourself that you are only human. We all make mistakes.  Learning to forgive is a powerful healer.  It frees you for more love.  It lessens your burden.

Note: part of this blog post was featured on Love Magazine.

If you are struggling to let go, release and forgive.  Reach out for help.  Contact me, a trusted friend, therapist, someone whocan help you!

Are you ready to forgive yourself?