The art of giving part 1

Conscious mindful giving can create a sense of hope, happiness and wellbeing. When we give back to the community, we are giving back to ourselves. Creating the world we want. We feel like we are actively participating in making life better instead of sitting on the side lines complaining that the world sucks, people suck, the world is a horrible place. When you give back, you feel empowered. You feel that yes you can create a change, one ripple at a time. So here are some tips on creating a giving back plan that works for your lifestyle.

  1. Start where you are passionate. Make a list. What do you love? Dogs? People? Art? Start exploring your passions.
  2. Once you have a list of your passions. Start to explore non-profit agencies and community agencies that support your passions.
  3. Look at how you want to contribute. How do you want to give? Such as:
    1. Time
    2. Money
    3. Supplies
    4. Collecting donations
    5. Starting a drive for goods
    6. Create an awareness campaign
    7. Support through social media or your blog
    8. Any other ideas?
  4. What can you give for free? Yes for free. On a daily basis.
    1. A hug
    2. A smile
    3. love
    4. Help someone with their groceries, bags, etc.
    5. Give advise to a friend
    6. Listen to someone

Remember, don’t over extend yourself. Do what feels right to you. Give what you can when you can. The first step is to start thinking of ways you can give to others. Sharing your talents and gifts. Ways that you can contribute. Because ever ripple helps.

In the spirit of Giving. We (Allison Gomer with Heart Speak Therapy) and I have created the Game of Giving for the people who work with us. It works like this:

  1. You don’t have to do anything. A % of your first session fee for the month will be donated to the charity of the month. Easy peasy
  2. If you volunteer for the charity of the month or another charity, you will receive a % off of your session fee. All you need to do is send a selfie of you volunteering (make sure we see you in action or with a sign where you are volunteering).
  3. You can earn 5 points for donations of goods. Just put your donation in the box. Make sure it’s related to the charity of the month. We would feel weird donating socks to dogs.
  4. You can earn 5 points for every $5 donation, to a charity of your choice (if you choose a charity of your choice we just need the receipt) or the charity of the month (just put the money in the box or give it to Allison or Margaret).

*100 points earns you a free session.

How will you start giving this year?