The Art of Giving part 2

We often give so much of ourselves to others and not so often give back to ourselves. And when we do give to ourselves we feel guilt, shame and often times greedy. Why? Self care is important aspect to your overall well being. Without an awesome self care plan you suffer, feeling drained, taken advantage of.  You might find that you are irritable and overall don't feel very good about yourself.

So, what is self care? Self care is the art of nourishing yourself mind, body and soul. It’s filling you back up so you can keep on shining your brilliant light and being the awesome person that you.

How you can create a self care ritual that truly rejuvenates and re-invigorates you?

                First give yourself permission. Do not judge yourself. If you’ve had a particularly hard week and just want to veg out on the couch. Then go for it. Don’t judge yourself. Your mind, body and soul need some down time. Some time to escape and refuel.

                Create a list for your mind, body and soul of things that make you feel amazing. Truly amazing, I am talking make your heart and soul sing!  This is just a starting point. For those days that you know need self care but don’t know where to start.

                Check in with yourself. Where you do feel the most drained? Where do you feel you need the most love? Self care is the act of self love. What does your mind need? Your body? Your soul? Often times we tell ourselves, I go to yoga three times a week, that is my self care. And yes, it is an aspect of self care. I am asking you go deeper. What does your body need? A bath, a massage, a hug, a nap. Check in and ask. Another example, I read daily for my mind. Maybe your mind needs to express it’s self, to write, draw or paint. Don’t censor it. Let it come out. This is that act of you loving you.

                 Check in with yourself daily.  What do you need today?  In the words of Matt Kahn, "how can you serve yourself today?"

When you are able to love yourself and provide yourself with the love you need. You start to feel better about life. You feel happier. You feel less burdened.

Check out my free tip sheet on self care especially while in therapy.

What acts of self care will do give yourself?