Blog Intentions

I love the new year.  It’s a great time to restate intentions, or change them.  Whatever your fancy.  The new year brings new energy, it has a vibrancy.  An air of “yes, I can achieve my dreams, this year!”

This year my intention for my blog is for you to-


·         Connected

·         Inspired

·         Empowered

·         Uplifted

·         Hopeful

·         Joyous

To know:

·         You are not alone

·         Can achieve your dreams

·         You are cared for, seen, heard

·         You can heal, grow, transform

·         Create your own meaning &  retell/recreate your stories (you are the hero in your life)

Be able to:

·         Take empowered action

·         Improve and transform your lives

·         Have a better, brighter day

·         Grow

·         Be happy

·         See the joy in the little things

·         Have a-ha moments

What intentions will you set for yourself this year?