Making Time to Celebrate You!

I am very excited to introduce my first guest blogger and amazing photographer Melissa Mullins from Melissa Mullins Portraits! Enjoy!

As women, it is so ingrained in us to put others before ourselves. Many of us take care of the needs of our families and friends before ever taking any time out to recharge our own batteries. I know we’ve all heard it before... “Take care of yourself first, and you’ll be a better Mom/Wife/Friend.” It’s much easier said than done!

I see this all the time in my portrait studio. Women reach out to me to plan a session, and then immediately rationalize and list their reasons for doing so. It’s not to explain anything to me - I don’t need convincing. I think it’s to convince themselves.

It’s such a foreign idea to plan something special just for us, so we create endless lists of reasons why it’s worth the time and effort. We say that doing boudoir photos will be a great gift for our partners, or that since we just turned 30 I guess it’s okay to celebrate that occasion with a photography session. I’m just as guilty as my clients!

We all need a little more self love, as it’s hard for women to live up to any sort of beauty standards these days. Apart from feeling beautiful for your photoshoot, I want to show what makes you unique. I want you to own what you like about yourself. It’s awesome to feel good in your own skin, but even better to feel confident in your own heart.

I believe in celebrating women. The ones with independent minds and gentle souls. We do so much for others all the time, but we still have important things to say and powerful plans to make. We have a rebellious streak in us that the world needs to see.

I believe that a portrait session is the perfect way to see yourself how others in your life see you: strong, beautiful, and brave.