3 Quick Tips to feel less scattered

You have a lot on your plate.  Tons going on.  Never ending demands, commitments, and to dos.  Running around, trying to accomplish everything, can leave you feeling scattered, drained, overwhelmed, off balance and out of sorts.  Here are a couple tips to help you regain composure, feel better and more grounded.

1. Ground yourself.  I have a youtube video is you'd prefer watching over reading.  To ground yourself, sit in a quiet place, both feet on the ground.  Feel yourself connected to the Earth.  Imagination a cord from your tail bone, feet or hips going down into the Earth's core.  Micki Carwin of Sharing Sacred Stories has a cord the width of your hips.  Do what feels best here.  Imagination that this cord is draining away everything that no longer serves you consciously or unconsciously.  Through this cord you release everything that you don't need.  Now unhook this cord, send it to the Earth with the intention that what you sent down will be recycled into positive energy.  Don't forget to thank the Earth.  Now imagination another cord from your tail bone, feet or hips going into the Earth and this time, beautiful light comes spiraling and swirling up filling you and your entire body with love, light, energy and peace.  Allowing this energy to cascade out of the top of your head.  Focus on the feelings of being relaxed and at ease.

2. Take deep breathes.  Really focus on your breath.  Feeling the breath enter and filling your body with air.  Feeling the exhale and air leaving your body.  Try to breath all the way into your stomach.  Concentrate on rhythm of your breath.  If it helps try counting to 3 or 5 for each inhale and then each exhale.  Keep your attention on your breath.  If any thoughts arise, acknowledge them, thank them and release them. 

3.  If you can go outside.  Just stand or sit.  Feel the breeze on your skin.  The sun on your face.  The cold nip in the air.  Just allow yourself to feel the elements around you.  Maybe listen to thebirds chatter or wind whisper in through the grass.  Smell the world around you.  Take everything in using your five senses, what do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel? 

I'd love to hear what worked or didn't work?  Do you do something else that helps?