The Power of Story- The Stories we love

Stories are powerful.  Every day we are surrounded by stories.  Our stories, the stories we watch and the stories we read. 

The stories that we eagerly dive into (wither it’s a book, movie, tv show, comic or internet) create an outlet, a safe place to witness. 

We often live through the stories we digest.  They nourish us.  Allow us to be vulnerable without being exposed.  Living through someone else’s story, is easier than claiming your own.

The stories you soak your soul in, also allow your imagination to come out and play.  It allows it to move outside of dreams, worry and fantasy.  It too becomes involved in the unfolding of the plot.

When you relate to a story, you validate your own story.  I want to remind you that your story has power.  It can heal you and others.  It can create community.  And at anytime, you can rewrite it.  Because this is your life, your story.  How are you going to tell it?

I’d love to hear what stories have influenced your life and what characters have touched your heart.