Pushing your boundaries and streching your limits

I love the inspiration I can get off the internet.  Each day I set out to find one inspirational idea, thought, quote, movement that I can share with you.  Usually this is on social media.  However, today, while not really working and more distracting myself (which will be another blog on how to get things done without wandering) I was watching a youtube video by Joe Santagato (he can be offense to some, however you never know when or where inspiration will find you).  He talked about doing one noteworthy thing a month.  I love this idea! 

Doing one thing a month that pushes you out of your comfort zone, out of your routine, out of your usual.  Doing one noteworthy thing a month can get you unstuck.  Because it creates change.  It pushes out of your comfort zone, not just by breaking routine but getting you to do something different.  It gets you thinking about new and exciting things.  It allows you to dream, as well as, start to check off things on your bucket list.  Furthermore it allows you to experience more happiness and at times challenge your fears. 

Check back in with me to see what noteworthy things I have done and I can’t wait to hear what noteworthy thing will you do this month