Achieving goals

The New Year signifies a new beginning.  However we often surround ourselves with new beginnings with new goals and dreams.  Especially during the new year when we declare our resolutions.  Make the list of all the things we want to conquer.  Maybe review our bucket or *uck it list.  Marking off our accomplishments and adding to list of things to achieve.

Beginnings fill us with anticipation, excitement, dread and anxiety.  Some things we are over the hill about checking off our list.  Other goals seem daunting and as the deadline to the new beginning approaches.  We start to dread or decision, wither to lose weight, get in shape, engage in healthier relationships.  Our goals now seem impossible.  Some of us, face this dread with research, gathering information, recipes, the latest craze.  We will beat our fear with information.  Others of us, delve into affirmations and visualize.  Many of us tell our friends, our families and in our best efforts try to psyche ourselves up for the new and improve versions of ourselves.  And yes this momentum does carry us, but only so far.  Until temptation strikes, or illness, or life.  And we fall of the wagon.  Forget the lists, the dreams and goals we set for ourselves.  And sink back into comfort.        

Then in a gallant effort we try again, saying to ourselves, I’ll start again on Monday, the full moon, the new moon, the beginning of the month, when the kids go back to school.  On and on it goes as we start to chase and forget our dreams.

So how do you conquer beginnings feeding off the excitement of achieve your dreams?

1.       Write down your goals and dreams. 

2.       Get creative, create a vision board and put where you can see it daily.

3.       Map it out.  You got to have bit size pieces you can swallow.  If the piece feels too big, then it is.  Break it down more.  For example, your goal is get in shape.  Break it down.  You want to be able to walk a mile, run a 5k, go the gym 5 times a week.  Make your goal measurable. 

4.       Reward yourself.  Positive reinforcement really works.  What do you want to give yourself for achieving each step?

5.       Forgive yourself if you fall of the wagon. It’s okay.  Life happens.  Get up, dust yourself off and start again.

6.       Give yourself permission to succeed, to fail, to learn and to try.  What do you need to give yourself permission for to achieve your goals?

Good luck to achieving your goals and dreams!  What are your dreams for this year?  I’d love to hear what you are working on!