Letting Go

We live in a society that worships accumulation.  We love to collect and accumulate.  We are taught that more stuff we have the more successful we are, the more powerful we are, the more secure we are.  See, we live in a false sense of security.  A sense of security that tells us if we accumulate, we are secure.  Not only do we accumulate material goods, we hold onto everything that no longer serves us emotionally, as well.

It's time to start clearing yourself out, inside and out.  When you start to let go of all that stuff you've been holding onto you start to feel better.  You feel lighter and more hopeful. 

It doesn't matter where you start.  Outside or in.  They each affect each other.  For some, it is easier to start outside.  Cleaning out the garage, the basement, attic and closets.  Throwing away, donating or selling everything you no longer use or need.  You are going to have to get firm with yourself and not make excuses.  If it's easier call a friend, do it with your significant other.  Remember, don't buy into your excuses, such as, "I might wear it, I might need it, ect."  If you haven't used it, needed it, worn it in the past 6 months or a year.  It goes.  Put it in it's pile- throw away, donate, sale or keep.  If something of sentimental meaning, it's okay to hold on to.  Ask yourself why it's so important to hold onto and if it brings meaning, comfort or joy to you.  Go room by room. Need more inspiration check out this book. 

Or you can start inside.  What beliefs, ideas, thoughts are you holding onto that no longer serve you?  Make a list of all the things you carry with you thatkeep you from being you, that keep you from shining.  When you are done burn the list, release all those things.   It's okay to take this process slowly.  Be gentle with yourself.  If need be, take it belief by belief.  Look at how it has helped you, thank it and release it. 

If you are struggling with letting go, it's okay.  It's a process.  All the things we hold onto material and mental served a purpose.  Provided you with security.  However, now they are just weighing you down.

If you feel stuck, reach out toa friend, counselor, therapist, shaman, intuitive, pastor, a trusted friend or family member. 

What do you hold on to for security that you wish you could let go?