Happy Song (part is in a series on happines)

Music is awesome at reflecting, touching and speaking the language of your soul.  Take a moment and think about it.  When you are sad listening to sad music, angry listening to angry music, getting ready to go out pump you up music.  Music moves us, stirs us and speaks to us.  Sometimes it is easier to say how you feel through music than it is with words. 

Do you listen to music daily?  Do have a song that you go to when you want to cry?  A happy song?  Have to tried listening to songs that make you happy?

Start making a list of songs that make you happy.  And when you need a quick pick me up play one of two of them, or the whole list.  Let yourself feel the music.  Sing along.  Dance along.  Let go and just feel the music. 

Here's a song to start, just look at all those smiles :)