You are not alone

It’s easy to feel like you are alone.  That you are the only person who is struggling.  We have learned how to pretend that everything is okay.  That life is wonderful.  We hold ourselves prisoner, not allowing ourselves to show signs that in fact we are falling apart on the inside.  Who said it was a bad thing to fall apart?  When you fall apart you get to rebuild.  You are empowered to change and shift and begin anew.

When emotions feel out of control, and you feel like you are struggling to keep it in and together.  It is natural to compare yourself to others.  When you see others struggle and share their pain, it affirms that you are not alone.  You have others who share your experience.  This can bring hope that everything is going to be okay because you are not the only one.

When you are not the only one struggling, it validates your struggle.  It says that your struggle is real.  It is comforting to be validated.  Someone else is acknowledging that you are suffering.  With or without validation your struggle and pain is real. 

When someone confirms that they too feel the same way, have experience that same thing, a wave of relief sweeps over you. 

So what do you do when you feel alone, that no one else understands, feels the way to you feel?

1.       Take solace in knowing you are not alone.  Emotions are universal.  We all feel them.  Our experiences and situations may be different, but we still feel.

2.       You are not alone.  You are never alone.  There is someone out there to help you.  A trusted friend, a therapist, church member.  Reach out to someone.  Share your story, your pains, your struggles.  Share you. 

3.       Take care of you.  It’s easy to get trapped in our heads.  To allow thoughts to fester and grow.  It’s normal.  When this starts to happen.  Stop yourself and do something else.  Switch the thought, change your activity.  Switch gears so to speak. 

Remember you are not alone.  You are never alone. Someone out there somewhere loves you!