Wrestling with your dark side? part 1 (of a series on Shadow work)

Can you feel it?  Your inner demons, your shadow, all those skeletons you hid in the closet trying to bust out?  This year is really forcing us, you, me to look at those pieces of ourselves that we often ignore and hid from.  You know the stuff we don't want to deal with.  The stuff we try to ignore hoping that if we do, it will go away.  It never really does, does it?  These aspects of ourselves that keep coming to light can feel overwhelming as we try to deal with the emotional uproar they cause.  

Let's start with the shadow.  The parts of you that you hid from, the pieces of you, you don't like.  We'll get to your demons, the deeper issues at play that stop you from being the amazing you, you deserve to be, later. 

Your shadow can manifest in many ways.  One way is feelings that feel uncomfortable, the feelings you feel ashamed of feeling.  We are going to start with a couple of a main ones.  This is just a jumping off place.  If you feel so inclined you can start of list of the emotions and feelings you are ashamed to feel.  Just bringing light to those emotions is starting the healing process.

You know those feelings:

Jealousy, even though you give yourself a million reasons why you aren't jealous and you still feel it. 

Envy, when you know you are just fine where you are but you still can't help but to feel envious. 

Angry?  Trying to figure out why you prone to outbursts. Or are you short and just annoyed a lot more lately?

These emotions are often clues that something else is going on under the surface.  That we have been triggered.  Sometimes we know exactly why we are feeling the way we are.  Stuck in traffic or someone got the promotion that you wanted.  That's the cool thing about emotions, they are messengers.  Sometimes we know the message, other times we have to do some digging.  Other times, some deeper emotion and baggage is at play.  At times the reasons for our emotions seem elusive.  Other times we have run so far from their meanings, their creation that we have lost sight of the messages they bring.

These emotions are normal.  We all feel them.  They are like a warning light, like the ones in you are car- low fuel, low tire pressure, ect.  These emotions are letting us know that something else is going on.  We are feeling unloved, unheard, insecure, threatened. 

When you feel jealous, envious, angry take a moment.  Stop what you are doing.  Close your eyes, take some deep breathes.  If you can, do a body scan.  Relax and scan your body to see where exactly you are feeling these emotions.  Send love to that part of your body.  Often times when we are upset we hold the tension in our bodies.  Shoulders and neck pain is often associated with stress, as well as, stomach problems.  Thank that part of your body for holding the emotion for you.  If you can tap into the emotion.  Ask it what it's message is.  If you meditate or journey, do so to that emotion.  See what it has to say or offer.

This is just a start to help you start to deal with your shadow, your demons and those parts of you you hid from.  Follow my blog as I continue to explore these issues and offer tips and suggestions to help you cope and heal. 

And at anytime, you feel overwhelmed, just can't deal.  Reach out for help!  Help is available.