Akashic what?

I love giving Akashic record readings.  They are so much fun!  If you've never had one, you really need to try it! 

I often get asked what is an Akashic record reading?  Why do I want one?  Will it help me?

Everyone has an Akashic record.  And anyone can tap into their records.  If you don't want to go to a someone who offers Akashic record readings, you can check out your library and amazon for books about it.  However, when you go to someone who can open up your Akashic records, you get it from them, without your ego, your feelings and all your stuff in the way.  We tend to get in our own way when it comes to receiving information, unbiasedly.  That's just how we work.  We have our own filters that filter what we hear, see, feel and understand. Plus it's fun and eye opening and tremendously healing.

Okay, so what are the records?  They are the big book of you!  The Akashic records contain your past, present and possible future (I say possible because you do have free will and the ability to make decisions and change things).  In a reading, your guides, ancestors, loved ones will join us to provide you with the information you need to know right now in your life.  You might come in wanting information about your marriage and all you get is information about your career.  Trust the process, there is reason why you are getting the information you are getting, even if it's unclear at the time.

Akashic record readings are a beautiful experience.  They provide you with new insights and perspectives.  And healing, as we peer into your soul and help you move forward on your soul's path. 

Curious?  Interested?  Contact me and schedule a reading!  Right now I have a deal %50 off your first reading.  What are you waiting for?  Adventure awaits!