Are you struggling with guilt?  Are you struggling to let go?  Do either of these keep you stuck where you are?  Forgiving ourselves is often the hardest. 

It doesn't have to be this way.  Guilt and a fear of letting go, fear of change, and resistance to forgiveness keeps you, us, stuck where we are.  When we hold onto things that no longer serve us because we feel like we have hold onto them as a reminder, a punishment, fear, guilt, whatever the reason, it's time to let go.  It's time to step out of the place that holds you and binds you and step into forgiveness and love.

Today is the day you let go of what weighs you down.  What holds you back, binds you and keeps you stuck.  Today is a step towards a new lighter future. 

Andye Murphy posted this video.  A beautiful reminder of self love.

Forgiveness isn't always easy but it is necessary to your growth and happiness. 

Where to start?

1.  Start by seeing the gift in whatever you have been carrying.  What's the lesson?  The gift? 

2. Remember to truly know joy and happiness we have to know sadness and unhappiness.  Thank your guilt, fear, whatever you are holding onto.  For it has taught you lessons as well as, reminded you of joy and happiness.

3. Tell yourself, "I forgive you."  Remind yourself it's okay, because it is.  It might still hurt.  Deep wounds are the hardest to heal.  But every little step you take towards healing helps to free you up for bigger and better.

BONUS: Have a releasing ceremony.  Get some paper and markers.  Write, draw, cut out pictures of what you are holding on to, what you cannot forgive.  Write the story from your point of view.  The other person's point of view.  And then as if you are reporter only reporting the facts.  Gain any insight?  Then burn the paper and while it burns say, "I release you and I forgive you!."

What works for you?  Still feeling stuck?  Contact me or talk to someone you trust to help you unburden yourself.  You deserve your love and forgiveness!