Got Sexy?

Do you hate this time of year?  Cringe at the idea of being seen half naked at the beach in your bikini or swimsuit?  Are you crash dieting, following a strict diet, exercising what feels like endless hours, only to still feel unsatisfied?

Something else is going on. 

You are hiding from you.  Your sexuality.  Your inner goddess.  The idea that you are acceptable just the way you are.  Secret- you are! 

Your ego and just about the rest of the world has convinced you that you need to look a certain way to be sexy, sexual and divine.  Really?  Last I checked sexy was a state of mind. 

For example, I worked with a heavy set older lady with Down’s Syndrome in an adult day program.  One day I arrived to work and she looked at me and said, “Got sexy?”  I looked back and her and said, “Do you?”  With a grin from ear to ear and unwavering confidence in her voice she replied.  “Yes, I do got sexy.”  See a state of mind.

So, how do you get to that state of mind, when you feel less than and are trapped comparing yourself to others.  As well as, bombarded with society’s ideals of what sexy is.

Take back your power.  Easier said than done but I hoping that one of tips below will help you re-embrace the beautiful sexy goddess that you.

1. Take a diet from media.  From magazines that sell how to get sexy, reality television, all those things that make you feel bad about you. 

2. Find something you love about you.  What's your favorite body part?  Dress it up and celebrate it.

3.  Tell yourself daily, how much you love yourself and how wonderful you are.

4. Stop comparing yourself.  Comparing yourself to others just deflates you even more. 

5. Revel in your own uniqueness.  Celebrate all the ways you are awesome.

6. Fake it til you make it.  Whose your role model?  How would they act in a swim suit or bikini.  Emulate how they would act. 

7. Don't put yourself is situations where you know you will feel bad about yourself.  Surround yourself with people who love and support you.  Be with those people who already see how amazing you are.

Remember you are amazing and how you look in a bikini or a swimsuit says nothing about the fabulous person you are!  Your swimsuit size says nothing about all the ways you rock and everything that is awesome about  you! 

What helps you get through the summer without a blow to your self esteem?