Art and Emotions

Language is not the only means of communication and way to express emotions and feelings.  Sometimes, emotions are more easily shared without language and through art.  Sometimes, it is easier to release and share anger by painting or listening to loud music, even screaming or banging drums.  Sometimes tears are more easily shared through drawing or photography.  We don’t always have to express our emotions through language.  Language can hinder the release and expression of emotion by bounding and restricting it.  Art can help release and express emotions beyond the constraints of language.  Allowing emotions to express themselves through color and movement. 

The best way to express emotion through art is to just let it out, don’t try and stop it, judge it, think about it, plan it, just let it out.  Don’t let your ego censor you or convince you that you are not an artist, that you are no good, this is silly or you just can’t.   That is not what this process is about.  This process is about expression and release, so let it out.  Let the paint fly, the colors flow, the ink blend, the shutter snap away.  Let the emotion express it’s self and release its self.  

How do you express and release emotions?  Please share your comments below.  Curious and want to try expressing and releasing your emotions through art, I am more than happy to help express your emotions in a creative way that helps you heal!