Grief, Demeter and your shadow

Spring is in the air.  A time of rebirth, joy and celebration.  We emerge from the cold, dark shadow of winter.  But did you do your work?  Did you allow yourself to feel the sorrow of winter? Or do you pretend that life is much better than it is? Fake the smile and lie to yourself that life is in fact wonderful?  Sadness is a normal part of life.  Especial as you grow, change and evolve.  You will grieve the old pieces of you that no longer serve you.  You will celebrate the new pieces of you.  Just remember to allow yourself to grieve, to feel the sadness.  Sadness has a tendency to come back and bite us in the you know what when we ignore it. 


Demeter is the mother of Persephone.  Demeter caused winter with her sorrow when Hades kidnapped Persephone and took her to the underworld.  She was consumed with grief over the lose of her daughter and caused the land to look how she felt, baron, alone and desolate.  When it worked out that Demeter and Persephone could be together for 6 months out of the year.  Demeter allowed the land to once again reflect her feelings, bright, colorful and alive.  The land flourished with flowers and crops.  

Sadness, grief and lose have become a part of our shadow.  Most people do not like to feel sad.  It's uncomfortable, dark and gloomy.  We try to rush through it, lie to ourselves that we are in fact happy.  However, when you allow yourself to sit in your sadness, your grief, just like Demeter and winter, even if only briefly.  You give yourself permission and the sadness to move on.  It passes and then you truly embrace the joy and happy moments, again reflecting Demeter and spring.  If you feel stuck in your sadness, as if it will not pass, reach out to others for support.  You are not alone, seek support and assistance from others. 

Life is an ebb and flow of events and emotions.  Only celebrating and honoring the positive in our lives causes an unbalance.  We need the sadness to know the joy.  We need the dark to know light.  When you feel sadness or uncomfortable in your emotions, recognize them, honor them.  If you feel stuck, the feelings are too much to handle, please reach out for support and help.  If you are trapped in winter or spring, find someone who can help you move through these places and reset your balance.