Self Care when you feel raw and vulnerable

Feeling raw and vulnerable after your therapy or akashic records session?  It happens.  Both can bring up old and buried emotions and feelings.  We do I best to make sure when you leave the office, you feel ready to face the world again.  However, therapy stirs stuff up, sometimes a day or two after your session, you might have an a-ha moment, or all the work we did together comes crashing down on you, leaving you feeling vulnerable, raw and emotional.  This is normal.  It is part of the healing process.  Here a couple self help and care tips to get you through to your next appointment and to help you feel better! 

Move your body- movement not only helps you reconnect to yourself, but sweating can release endorphins, improving your mood.  Here are some ways you can get moving:

·         Yoga

·         Dance- by yourself or with others, you might even take a dance class

·         Run/jog/walk

·         Play with your kids

·         Play with your pets

·         Do a workout video

·         Go to the gym

·         Hola hoop

·         Do you have a favorite way to move that’s not listed, I’d love to hear it! Leave a comment below.

Sometimes you might find that you just need to reconnect to yourself and take some much needed you time

·         Take a hot bath

·         Get a massage

·         Get a mani or pedi

·         Read a book

·         Slowly and mindfully drink a cup of tea or coffee, really savoring it

·         Meditate

          Listen to music


·         Take slow deep breathes four counts in four counts out, see if you can make it past ten

·         Watch the sunset/sunrise

·         Sit in nature

·         Go to a museum and sit with a favorite piece of art

·         What’s your favorite way to reconnect to yourself?

You might need to laugh, when we laugh we instantly feel better and lighter

·         Watch something funny

·         Read something funny

·         Try some yoga laughter

·         Go to a comedy club

·         What’s your favorite way to bring laughter into your life?

You might need nature.  Nature helps us to feel grounded and connected.

·         Go for a walk outside

·         Visit a park

·         Go to the mountains

·         Sit by a stream

·         Go to the beach

·         Go for a hike

·         What’s your favorite place to go in nature?

Let’s not forget our friends and family.  Having a supportive group of people that know you and love you is vital to your healing and mental health.  Having at least one person you can turn to is fabulous.  Sometimes, we just need to talk it out, get it out, share it and release it. 

You know what is best for you and what feels right in the moment.  If you are still struggling with strong emotions that feel overwhelming reach out to someone who can help.  Your therapist, a trusted friend or family member.  You do not have to go through this on your own.  You have people that love support you and want to see you healthy, happy and living life to your fullest!