Goddess, the Divine Feminine, Shadow and You!

Feeling disconnected?  Searching to relieve inner conflict?  Ready to stand in your power and find your voice?

We have lost our connection to our inner goddess.  When was the last time you felt like a goddess?  Okay, wait let’s back up.  What does it mean to feel like a goddess? To feel like your divine feminine self?  Take a minute.  I’ll wait.  What did you come up with?  Did you list attributes like; compassion, loving, nurturing, intuitive, sensual, sexual, embracing and loving your body, comfortable in your body, powerful, confident?  These are just a few attributes of the goddess and the divine feminine that we all hold within us, men and women.  Are some of the above attributes easier to accept, to own?  Do you cringe or shy away from others?  When you embrace your inner goddess and the divine feminine you give yourself permission to be yourself, to express yourself, to live in harmony, reconnecting not only to your soul and your body but improving your relationships and your life.  Over the next several months (via my blog and newsletter), I will explore different goddesses and their attributes.  What you can learn from their stories and how to harvest their attributes in yourself, connecting you more with the divine feminine within.  The divine feminine is the whole of feminine energy.  Harvesting and nurturing this energy and bringing it in balance with your masculine energy.  Yum.  Are you ready to embark on this delicious journey to rediscover and connect to yourself improving your life? 

And we are just getting started!  Bet you are wondering what the shadow has to do with all of this and what exactly do I mean by the shadow?  The late and great Debbie Ford said, “The shadow contains all the parts of ourselves that we try to hide, deny or suppress. It is the keeper of all the aspects of ourselves that we dislike and the qualities that we judge as unacceptable. The shadow wears many faces: angry, critical, fearful, lazy, controlling, selfish, weak, pathetic… These are the faces we dont want to show the world and the faces we dont want to show ourselves. Most of us expend huge amounts of energy trying to get rid of or control these unwanted aspects of ourselves. We hope that by hiding or fixing our "bad qualities" we will have the peace, success and happiness we desire. Most of us are convinced that we are flawed and inadequate so we become masters of disguise, and go to great lengths to hide our bad qualities from those around us – even from ourselves.”

I couldn’t have said it better.  Ready to find these pieces, unearth them, dig them up and set them free? To learn from them and incorporate them so you feel whole and healed?  When you work with your shadows, you free yourself from its grip.  You grow and expand, improving your life.

Ready to bring it all together?  The divine feminine has become part of your shadow.  What pieces of being a woman or a man do you fear, hid from, label and judge?  Ask yourself, do you truly feel like a sensual, sexual being?  Do you truly love and embrace your body?  Are you intuitive?  Listen to your intuition?  If not, we have some shadow work to do.  Furthermore, relating, learning and using myths and stories of goddesses helps you to feel connected not only to yourself, and others but to so much more. 

What can you do to start?  Follow my blog, subscribe to my newsletter.  Comment below about what came up for you when you read this.  Contact me. 

I look forward to this journey with you and am honored that you took time out of your busy day to read this.

Take care and wishing you the best!