The Power of Play

As adults we forget how much play does for us.  As children it comes easy.  It’s just something we do, without much thought.  It’s how we pass the time, learn, explore and grow.  As adults we find other ways to pass the time, learn, explore and grow.  Forgetting the magic of play.  Play for adults can expedite healing, as well as, improve happiness and relieve stress.

Here a couple of things you can do to add play into your life:

You can play with your children, your friend’s children.  Play with your dogs or friend’s dogs. 

Do something you love!  Dance, sing, laugh!  Don’t limit yourself.  Get out there and explore.  Go hiking, to a museum.  Give yourself permission to have fun!

 When you are playing remember to:

Be in the moment.  Stop thinking about what has to get done later in the day, week or year.  Stop thinking of your to do list.  For now, even if only briefly, be in the moment. 

Allow yourself to be fully immersed in play.  Regardless of what you are doing.  Just be in the moment.  Don’t worry about what others think, stop judging yourself and allow yourself to have fun.

Be fully engaged with what you are doing and who are doing it with.  Check into your senses, what are you experiences?  What you hear, taste, smell, feel and see? 

Give yourself permission to have fun, to play and be in the moment.  A little play a day can increase your happiness and relieve your stress.