Falling into Fall

This from Allison's and my newsletter.  Enjoy!

Falling into the Underworld- Delving into the depths of yourself without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

It can be scary, diving into depth of the underworld, the sea of your psyche.  Have no fear, this can be a place of healing and transformation, and you have guides to ease you along your journey.

Allison says: Autumn is a time when the leaves fall from the trees and summer air turns cooler. We begin to get back to routine and find ourselves looking at shorter days and cooler weather. Have you ever noticed yourself or others becoming depressed, moody, and/or irritable? I know that when I feel down, I resist it. Just like I mourn the bright summer days that move into cold, gloomier ones. It seems like, without fail, I am at the mercy of going inward during the transition from summer to fall. Symbolically, this season is a time for going inward, transformation, hibernation, ruminating with your feelings on an inner level. This raw place is fertile ground for change, transformation, and releasing what's not working for us anymore. We are a culture that looks the other way when we or others feel down. Feeling low and depressed can be a vulnerable place, and at times we might feel like we may never find our way out of the downward journey. Two of my favorite underworld goddesses, Inanna and Persephone, teach us that we are cyclical beings, that we don't go to the underworld just once, we go there time and time again. This lesson helps us move, shedding our skin, so that we can transition through difficulties. I've said it before myself, "I just want to be happy!". Long lasting happiness is an inner state. In order for us to move to a happier state of mind, or be able to get a new job, or find a healthy romantic relationship, or lift shame we carry, we must go inward. Greeting our emotional heaviness integrates and heals our darkness. 

Let's face it, being in the underworld, or feeling down, however you want to call it, can be lonely! Relating to others and finding ways to ease the discomfort is definitely helpful. One way that could help is to check out our bi-monthly goddess groups and playshops. These are designed to help you become creative with your inner journey, blending emotional, spiritual, and psychological wellness. 

Margaret says: I love the fall!  Changing leaves, cooler weather, scary movies, Halloween, sweaters, knee high socks, hot cups of tea and coffee.  The chill in the air that causes us to embrace our inner warmth.  However, fall can be a difficult time, as the days shorten and become cooler, we have less warmth and light in which to play.  This is a time to turn inward, to follow our own light. 

Demeter (Persephone's mother) and Sedna are two goddesses that illuminate our ability to embrace our inner winter. 

When Hades tricked Persephone to join him in the underworld, Demeter, goddess of harvest (she is the one who brought fertile lands to the world.)   fell into the deep depression, mourning the loss of her daughter.  Not only did Demeter fall into depression but the land as well.  Nothing grew and the land became barren.  She embraced her sadness, she allowed herself to weep.  When her daughter returned she rejoiced left her world of retreat and once again the land was fertile, Growth flourished. 

By going inward and dancing with our shadow, our darkness we bring light to it.  Providing growth and movement.  

Sedna's story is tragic one.  She was picky and could not decide on a suitor, this frustrated her father to no end.  Until finally they were tricked by a bird (dressed as a human).  The bird took Sedna and when she discovered the truth, she called to her father her rescue her.  Well, the bird did not like that and while Sedna and her father where trying to flee by boat, the bird called to his friends and they began to attack the boat.  Sedna's father fearing for his own life, tossed her overboard.  She clutched to the side of the boat, so he chopped off her fingers, she grabbed a hold again and so he chopped off her hands.  Sedna sank to the bottom of the ocean.  Her fingers and hands became the sea animals.  It is said that she controls the sea animals available for hunters and fisherman.  She is also queen of the souls.  She reminds us that out of tragedy and darkness comes life and rebirth.

This fall and winter instead of running and hiding from the call to go deeper, embrace it and allow it to heal you and transform you.  There is brilliant light waiting to be discovered when you go deep.