Multidimensional Healing

Sometimes, we just need a session or two to clear the cobwebs and clutter, shake lose what no longer serves, and gain insight to move forward!

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Healing the Past

Curious? Experiencing unmovable blocks? Irrational fears?

Often times we carry our past lives into our current life.

We bring lessons, karma and gifts into this life from the past. Sometimes we also bring fears and trauma.

Explore your past life to free any pain, trauma or fears that bind you in this life.

Discover gifts to enhance this lifetime.

For optimal impact 3-4 sessions are best.


  • clear mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks

  • clear DNA and ancestral coding

  • understanding and clear karma and soul contracts

  • gain insight and greater understand of how your past lives affect your current life

  • gain insight into current relationships

  • heal your relationships

  • gain gifts to support this lifetime

    $125 for 60 minutes

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Akashic Records as the big book of you.  It’s everything you; past, present and possible future. It’s possible future because anything can happen and you have the power to change your future.  

In a reading, your guides, ancestors, loved ones will join us to provide you with the information you need to know right now in your life.  You might come in wanting information about your marriage and all you get is information about your career. Trust the process, there is reason why you are getting the information you are getting, even if it's unclear at the time.

Akashic record readings are a beautiful experience.  They provide you with new insights and perspectives. We delve into your soul and help you move forward on your soul's path.


  • gain insight into your current life situations

  • connect with angels, guides, ancestors and ascended masters

  • connect to your highest self and soul’s wisdom

  • gain understanding on your soul’s purpose and life’s path

    $75 for 30 minutes


Energy healing combining reiki and shamanism. Experience an energy healing session where you receive the universal energy healing mind, body, and spirit. This energy healing works on emotional, physical, spiritual and mental levels.

Energy healing session will realign, clear and boost not only charkas but your whole energy field.

Often times during energy sessions you will receive energetic upgrades to support you in your evolution. As well as, retrieve any lost soul pieces ready to return.

Tap into your guides, ancestors and past lives. Anything is possible in an energy healing and it’s absolutely divine!


  • clear and energize your chakras

  • reclaim soul loss

  • heal emotions, spirit, physically and mentally

  • connect with your highest self and soul’s wisdom

  • receive messages from spirit, angels, guides, ancestors and your highest self

  • feel more energized and vibrant

  • heal your energy past, present and future

  • clear energetic connections, DNA, genetic coding, soul contracts that no longer serve and energetic channels

    $75 for 30 minutes