Expanding Potentials of Possibilities

Do you feel stuck?

Need to remove obstacles that keep you from you from your future?

Haunted by the past?

Struggle with anxiety and or depression?

Are you exhausted because you feel so much?  

Are you burnt out because you pick up on the emotions are everyone and everything around you?

Are you searching for relief, a way to feel better, to release, let go and not feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Know there is more to life?

Want to heal not only yourself but improve your relationships and manifest the future of your dreams?

This is for you  

You, who is awakening to their soul's potential, magic and truth. Discovering  gifts of being an empath, a starseed and  the power of intuition. You,who craves creativity and innovation. Who believes in synchronicity, miracles and dreams. You, who is ready to delve, connect and express. 

This is not your traditional coaching

This is about reconnecting you to you, so you can thrive! It’s where you get to heal and become whole. Explore all your various aspects, pieces and parts. A place to explore all your potentials and possibilities. Time traveling past, present and future.

Free those places that feel stuck. Past beliefs, experiences, traumas. Whatever keeps you from being present and creating the future you dream of.

What make me different?

I have my Masters in Counseling. I’m a reiki master. Akashic record and tarot reader. I am ever curious. I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals and free your soul! I am here for you!

light in the dark


Be seen and heard


Identify and release fears

Identify and clear obstacles

Identify life dreams and ambitions

Live with more vibrance

Identify strengths

Identify and process your emotions

Create rituals for well being

Discover and speak your truth

Improve your relationships

Integrate shadow

Integrate hurt parts and pieces of you

Connect with your highest self, guides, loved ones and ancestors

Heal family wounds

Manifest goals

Get unstuck

Feelings of wholeness and well being

Gain insight from past lives

Reduce stress

Clear blocks

Balance energies

Clear toxins and stagnate energies

Enhance intuition

Improve meditative states

Come undone and rebuild

Together we will:

heal on mutliple levels

delve into the your empathic nature: the ways you receive, hold and filter information

connect to  your intuition

discover your inner  wisdom

befriend your shadow

To identify your dreams, heart’s desires, and your soul’s purpose

create soul-fullfilling practices

Identify what keeps you stuck and release you from it's grip

unleash your potential

Explore and exapnd your multi dimensional soul

Create a road map for moving forward

$110 for 50 amazing minutes


Call/text 720-238-2054 or email forwardkindheart@gmail.com to book your appointment

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Who am I?

 Hi, I'm Margaret. I am empath and intuitive. I am also a couselor, psychotherapist, mentor, coach, reiki master, intuitive and healer.  I LOVE helping others come unstuck and manifest the life of their dreams.

From the heart

I am over the moon excited to be part of your journey.  To co create with you. 

Contact me or book your appointment today: